Honda RA-X Two Seater Concept Sportscar

Honda RA-X is the latest concept sportscar inspired by the beginning of motorsport competition during the 60s and hence was named as RA similar with the first F1 cars in distinctive white and yellow colors. This two-seater concept car comprises MR engine and back transmission with a capacity of over 350 hp, while the position of the exhaust pipes positively reminds the RA300 F1. The design features innovative smooth crossing lines in the surface that forms a theoretical X. The car’s engine can be seen through a glass and predominates at the back side of the engine vent with optical technology-led groups forming a triangular shape. The inlets are merged with optical groups on the front and the dimensions of the car are: length 4050 x height 1163 x 1940 Wide.

honda ra-x concept car

honda ra-x concept car

honda ra-x concept car

honda ra-x concept car

honda ra-x concept car

honda ra-x concept car

honda ra-x concept car

Designer : Xuacu Pérez Quesada

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Robert S. says: September 3, 2009

This is the type of car I would buy if given the chance. Unfortunately, these type of concepts never make it to production. American's do want cars like these though.

stephen russell says: September 3, 2009

I want one, to Rent & own.

Honda produce this.

Nice, super sweet ride.

Neededfor HI rental market

Ki says: September 3, 2009

i doubt a midship will be a rental car lol.

design language is not Honda at all. bit i like some of it.

eden tahillah says: September 3, 2009

the mere sight of this concept.rings a bell.SPEED…….

andy mann says: November 13, 2009

this car uis absoleutly beeeeast

devine ntrvntn says: November 25, 2009

Upon first sight of this concept I immediately became aroused in my pants. Thats a good sign. I want this car for christmas 2022…

    jesus says: December 21, 2011

    2022 really this will be oldschool by then

Georgi says: December 15, 2009

I guess it looks pretty good but I prefer the Toyota FT-HS or Mitsubishi RA check em out???

Sloane says: September 24, 2010

I want this car!

elsy says: October 7, 2010

WOW when will it come out??

Huxley says: December 28, 2011

For the 1%

Dheeraj kumar says: October 18, 2012

How much I have to pay to buy one in INDIA.

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