IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) 2012 Opens for Entries

To all our fellow designers, starting this month International Design Excellence Awards or also known as IDSA has opened its door for submissions. IDSA challenges all designers to design and develop unique and innovative product that will improve our daily life and experiences. Design touches people every minute of every day. If you think you are a designer that constantly invents new ideas to create the future rather than the one you are handed, then why not answer this challenge?

“The IDEA program is referred as the ‘Oscars’ of industrial design. Why? Because IDEA is not influenced by the organization that hosts them, IDSA. Leading designers in the profession judge the awards in a peer review process. It is the task of the jury to determine what the conditions for excellence are. Over the past two years that definition has been radically changing in line with design’s changing position in corporations,” said Clive Roux, CEO of IDSA.

To enter this contest, you can visit IDSA Website here.

IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) 2012 Opens for Entries

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