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Every great product needs an exposure, a word of mouth, a platform to launch or even just to get a simple noticed. Tuvie attracts around a million page views on monthly basis (and increasing), this should be a good platform for your product to get some recognition.

Tuvie covers topics related to gadgets, technology, automotive, and product designs. If your products belong in those categories, or even if you are not sure, feel free to contact us for a review. We will review your request but we don’t guarantee coverage, except you choose to purchase a sponsored post. The cost of a product review is dependent on the type of product to be reviewed. We will write an honest review of our own opinion, it should not be considered as professional advice.

If you could send your product internationally (we are based outside USA), please send a fully functional test unit. Please contact us at advertise [at] tuvie [dot] com to get our shipping address.

Required information for a product review

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If you want us to host a giveaway to our readers (the most effective way to gain exposure) or do any marketing campaigns at Tuvie, feel free to drop us an email to discuss this further:

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