Shipyard Supply Presents Superyacht Padel Court to Bring You a Sporting Experience at Sea

At the request of a yacht owner with 110-meter superyacht currently in build, Shipyard Supply Co. presents a Superyacht Padel Court. It’s a pioneer project that marks significant milestone in luxury yacht amenities, owners and guests would be able to enjoy a sporting experience at sea.

It’s not our conventional courts, Padel Court structure has been designed to be free-standing, it eliminates any necessity for fitted deck sockets and poles. This innovative design optimizes space as well as makes the court adaptable for different yacht configurations.

Shipyard Supply Presents Superyacht Padel Court

Padel Sport is a fusion between tennis and squash, it’s been rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Shipyard Supply Co. knows the value of bringing this new sport onto the decks of superyachts, the flexibility of the court can also be adapted for other sports such as racketball or squash.

Padel Court is crafted from carbon and features Plexiglass and mesh panels. The construction makes sure good durability and performance while keeping its structure lightweight. The Court is easy to assemble and pack down, thanks to its modular panels that make it easy to store.

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