Lunar Outpost x Lockheed Martin Human-Rated Moon Rover for Living and Working on The Moon’s Surface

Lunar Outpost has teamed up with Lockheed Martin to develop a human-rated Moon Rover. Together with other teammates General Motors (GM), the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, and MDA Space, this diverse team combines robotic and human space exploration heritage, cutting edge technology, and automotive industry to develop off-road vehicle not just for working but also living on the Moon’s surface.

This next generation Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) will support exploration of the Moon in unprecedented fashion as part of NASA’s Artemis campaign. The Moon Rover should be able to extend its range where astronauts can travel to perform high-priority science investigations on the Moon.

Lunar Outpost x Lockheed Martin Human-Rated Moon Rover

When not in use by NASA, LTV should be able to provide commercial services, contributing to a more accessible and sustainable cislunar economy. When we plan to explore outer space, surface mobility is one critical capability for humanity’s future in space. Justin Cyrus, CEO of Lunar Outpost, says that Lunar Outpost is looking forward to driving value in cislunar economy by creating a reliable, safe, and capable vehicle that will be used by Artemis astronauts to support their critical missions on the Moon for commercial endeavours.

Lunar Dawn LTV wants to provide Artemis astronauts with an exceptional experience when it comes to safety and convenience. This vehicle features a flight deck-forward design for expansive views, it is ideal for navigating challenging lunar environment. Designed to exceed all NASA’s requirements, Lunar Dawn LTV has advanced autonomous navigation and operation, with or without astronauts on board. It has a reconfigurable cargo bed for the changing of payloads with its robust robotic arm. The novel technology can operate during two-week long lunar nights with temperature down to -280 degrees F.

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