Automotive And Yacht Industry Combined Gave Birth To The Sentori 50L: A Coupe-Character Yacht

The Sentori 50L has been imagined and created by “Motion Code Blue” Design Studio. The yacht is part of the brand Sentori Yachts. This brand is highly automotive inspired, they combine emotion with functionality and smart living spaces. It breaks up with conventional solutions and defines every yacht as one intelligent concept, made to surprise its owner every single time and serves as a platform to support creativity and individuality.

The Sentori 50L has strongly automotive inspired main lines of the hull and the greenhouse connects the yacht optically and let it appear very elegant. The simple and clear lines enable SENTORI 50L Yacht to achieve a dynamic and sophisticated tension which characterizes this yacht. The design impresses with the large window surfaces that provide the yacht with sunlight from all sides and enhances the concept of melting exterior and interior living spaces together. A large owners’ window in the hull guarantees a unique view slightly above the water line, the whole cabin is light flooded. An expandable sun protection enhances the comfort in the rear part of the main deck and a u-shaped stern sofa offer space for dinners or sun bathing. The silver and black varnish of the yacht in combination with the red sun beds and sofas is unique and enhances the recognition value of the vessel. At the end of the fly bridge, the equipment carrier is designed very integrated, low and dark colored, which supports the coupe-character of the yacht. The bathing platform at the end of the yacht, offers a small pool for children and if the pool is not in use, it can serve as a large storage space.

Designer: Motion Code Blue

sentori 50L yacht10

sentori 50L yacht5

The fly bridge features an innovative layout, comprising of a wetbar, a dinning area and the drivers seat. The wetbar provides a sink, storage space a refrigerator and is covered by a semi-transparent glass surface for a very slick and homogeneous appearance. The dinning table is placed in the rear of the fly bridge and it has been designed for 8 persons. The hot plate inserted in the table enhances the comfort. The innovative feature is a 37” LED-TV, which is positioned behind the driver’s seat. The TV’s ability to retract, protects it from bad weather conditions. The integration of the TV generates a wide range of new activities, from playing game consoles to watching movies, or presentations and picture slide shows. The DVD-player and game console storage space is given underneath the driver’s seat. The innovative steering console is equipped with a very reduced but sophisticated keyboard-like design supporting the over all design language of the yacht. The driver feels like interacting with an high-tech-instrument, steering SENTORI 50 L combines excitement with high-end luxury. The keyboard slides into the console if its not in use, protecting all instruments in a very elegant way.

sentori 50L yacht3

sentori 50L yacht2

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This amazing piece of engineering will be available at the end of 2010. The yacht is equipped with 2 x 900 PS YANMAR engines giving the Sentori a maximum speed of 40 knots. It has a displacement of 18 t, and an overall length of 15.3 m.

sentori 50L yacht6

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