INSINK 4-1 Kitchen Tool Set by Tonis Tollasepp

INSINK 4-1 is a kitchen tool that helps you prepare your meal. Submitted by Tonis Tollasepp, this design offers multi-functional kitchen tool set to improve the safety in the kitchen. You can read his explanations below.

When prepping food, don’t you feel tired of digging out food scraps from the bottom of your sink or taking the cutting board to the composter over and over to dispose of scraps? Would you like to wash as you work without having to fill the sink or are you concerned about searching for sharp objects under soapy water?

INSINK 4-1 addresses all these concerns and more with three simple products. INSINK 4-1 features: the Katcher (a sit on top funnel for the Kaddy or Kup to direct food scraps for storage), the Kaddy (can be used to store food scraps or used as a colander for washing and or draining/drying cutlery/utensils) and the Kup (used to hold soapy water so you can wash as you work and clean up faster without leaving dishes or pans till the end of the meal). Not filling the sink also eliminates the need to search for sharp objects under soapy water or draining the sink when the water gets dirty.

INSINK 4-1 Food Preparation Helper Tools

INSINK 4-1 Food Preparation Helper Tools

INSINK 4-1 saves you time, water and improves safety in the kitchen …. yes a kitchen gadget can do all this and more! Great anywhere you have a sink, for example home, condo, apartment, vacation property and yes even an RV/Caravan. These three multi-functional containers were designed by a stay at home dad and can be placed, removed and re-positioned in almost any part of the sink thanks to handy suction bars. They also nest together for easy storage and are made of polypropylene which is FDA approved, BPA free, 100% recyclable and yes …. dishwasher safe. The products are manufactured in Canada and within a 100 mile radius to maintain a small carbon footprint.

INSINK 4-1 Food Preparation Helper Tools

INSINK 4-1 Food Preparation Helper Tools

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