Microsoft Robotic Air Hockey Concept Features Smart Internal Robot That Offers New Gaming Experience

Classic air hockey gets redesigned. Microsoft has teamed up with Fresh Consulting to release Robotic Air Hockey concept. Just like its name suggests, this machine is deeply embedded with robotics and technology to provide players with a new opponent and experience. the smart internal robot employs an X-Y gantry system mounted beneath the playing surface while magnetically coupling to a custom-designed striker on top.

Microsoft Robotic Air Hockey by Fresh Consulting

Microsoft Robotic Air Hockey by Fresh Consulting is capable to detect user’s shot using overhead camera to track the puck and moves its striker magnetically. This mechanism adds a magical element to the game, allowing for seamless switching between robot and standard two-player games. It’s easy to control the gantry system, just plug your device into a port on the robot side of the table. This action will transform the robot into an extension of the user’s body, it means that those with limited mobility can also play while offering a new challenge for air hockey veterans.

The touchscreen control panels and high-definition displays have replaced traditional coin slot and 8-segment scoreboards. Microsoft Robotic Air Hockey provides user with high-definition reactive lighting, custom animations, and sound effects. The high-speed camera is mounted in the overhead arch that provides good sight to the robot and a streamlined gaming experience to the user.

Microsoft Robotic Air Hockey by Fresh Consulting

Start by placing a puck on the table surface to initiate the game, the robot will use the video feed to smartly track the puck and respond appropriately. Other components are specifically designed to help in transportation and accessibility.

Microsoft Robotic Air Hockey by Fresh Consulting

Microsoft Robotic Air Hockey by Fresh Consulting

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