Jia – Modern Folding Lounge Chair Made of Iroko wood

Lounge chair is the type of chair with a back that can be moved for user to sit or lie down. Jia Chair promises a folding lounge chair with main folding mechanism that consists of two pieces of wood, its simplicity brings minimalist aesthetic even when the chair is stored. There are triangular holes of varying sizes punched onto the leather section, it allows you to gradually expand from four corners under stress to the center for more breathability.

Jia Chair by Jiang Qiuhua and Wang Qizhou

Designed for outdoor usage, Jia Chair can withstand all weather conditions. The folding hardware utilizes simple mechanical method that makes it easy to manufacture while aluminum alloy material makes it light. Together, Jiang Qiuhua and Wang Qizhou, have designed 3- level adjustable backrest for this lounge chair to meet different needs with natural curves that provide a comfortable sitting experience. When not in use, Jia Chair folds flat for easy storage.

Jia Chair by Jiang Qiuhua and Wang Qizhou

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