Bridgestone Airless Tire : No More Flat Tires!

In the future, there’s a possibility that you will no longer have flat tires, ever! Bridgestone Crop has developed a new tire technology which no longer relies on air pressure like our existing tires. If Bridgestone airless tire technology could be implemented on all vehicles, we would no longer need to carry vehicle pump in our car. This innovative tire utilizes resin spokes formed on the lateral side of the tire to support a load. You can see from the center of the wheel, the spokes don’t run from the inner rim to outer tread in a radial pattern, each angle of the spoke on the inner circumference is around 45-degree different from the outer circumference. In this way, the force that deforms the tread doesn’t turn into a turning force, because the yare both dextral and sinistral spokes.

Bridgestone Airless Tire

We really do hope Bridgestone is able to mass produce Bridgestone airless tire as we won’t need to worry about a puncture or fill the tire with air on monthly basis. It also saves a lot of maintenance costs. Not only that, this tire is also environmentally friendly as the rubber of its tread is 100-percent recyclable, it utilizes a recyclable thermoplastic resin as the main material for its spokes. Bridgestone airless tire technology will be displayed at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

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One thought on “Bridgestone Airless Tire : No More Flat Tires!

  1. Test on rental models, select car types, then IF OK, Mass produce or lisc to produce tires.
    Awesome, Id switch.
    Get "bugs" out of design if any.

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