Extension Lighting Design by Yao Kai-Chi

Extension lighting design proposes the concept where traditional and modern meet the eco-friendly consciousness. This light design contrasts dark smoked bamboo with polished stainless steel and LED technology that will highlight its beautiful contrast. User can choose can to hang this light on its own or extended in a series. Utilizing the most popular alternative to other wood raw materials, bamboo, the main technique of this design is actually against the physical character of this plant that has been known as one of the fastest growing plants on earth.

The “Extension” name is used to represent an extension of environmentally friendly attitude, utilizing a product that also delivers various senses of beauty.

Designer : Yao Kai-Chi

Extension Lighting Design by Kai Chi Yao

Extension Lighting Design by Kai Chi Yao

Using different techniques, bamboo that is usually curved along its veins can be bent into more complex curves. Using bamboo that has uniform width and thickness, this material can be bent more flexible according to the designer’s need. A number of bamboo then split into tiny strips to increase the flexibility to be bent to create sophisticated surfaces.

Extension lighting design does not only function as light but also a beautiful piece of craft. When the light is off, it acts as beautiful furniture that complements any existing décor. Using the same technique, this concept can be implemented into various kind of applications and develop more possibilities of traditional craftsmanship.

Extension Lighting Design by Kai Chi Yao

Extension Lighting Design by Kai Chi Yao

Extension Lighting Design by Kai Chi Yao

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