Music Toucher for Hearing Disordered Dancing Girls

The Music-Toucher is a concept dancing shoe that can help the dancer to realize the rhythm by transferring the rhythm of the music into elegiac vibration. This concept will help the deaf people make their dream come true as a dancer in their soundless world. The sole of the shoe features a vibrating transfer module placed in a way that will never bother the wearer or make them uncomfortable. This module registers the rhythm of a particular music and transfers it as a rhythmical vibration direct to the sole. This underfoot vibration can help the dancer to respond with particular moves to make the dance a great event.

music toucher

music toucher

music toucher

Designer : Heng Fengchi, Wang Xiaofei, Wang Lijue, Zhou Hongjie, and Gao Shan Shan

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2 thoughts on “Music Toucher for Hearing Disordered Dancing Girls

  1. The concepts you guyss are inventing that's are wooooooo, But I don't think that the products had been on a same concept.This concepts looks to make half world dancer.

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