FastFocus Vital Signs Monitor by Bluelarix Designworks

This is a new vital signs monitor, based on IR reflection and acceleration measurements. Patients will wear the product 24 hours a day in hospital wards. The product can be worn behind the ear and detects the patients posture, activity and heartbeat rhythm, creating a total picture of the patient’s activities and intensity of movements during day and night. The product is measuring every numb...
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M+D Crutches: Stylish Elbow Crutches Allow Your Hands to Be Free

M+D Crutch is trying to revolutionize walking aid by providing you painfree mobility. This crutch design allows you to use your elbows to support your weight instead of your armpits. When we have to deal with restricted mobility, whether it’s a temporary or long term condition, it should be painfree. This concept crutch has been designed around a simple premise, elbows, not armpits. As you ca...
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Withings Thermo : Hygienic Smart Thermometer for The Whole Family

Withings has developed Star Trek style thermometer. Thermo features 16 infrared sensors, it is able to find hottest spot and offers a highly accurate temperature reading in less than 3 seconds. Unlike traditional thermometers where you have to choose between comfort and accuracy, Thermo is a game changer. It helps you monitor the health of your whole family, thanks to patented HotSpot Sensor techn...
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Exosuit : Future Ocean Exploration Suit by Nuytco Research

Exosuit is the next generation of ocean exploration suit, designed and developed by Nuytco Research. This hard metal diva suit allows divers to safely operate down to a depth of 1000 feet with high flexibility and exceptional dexterity to perform delicate work. It is equipped with innovative technology of Exosuit Atmospheric Diving System (ADS) that maintains a cabin pressure of the surface while ...
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XSTAT Hemostatic Device Injects Sponges to Stop Hemorrhaging

Saving lives is the main goal of RevMedx by creating innovative medical products for combat medics. XStat is the first in kind concept hemostatic device specifically designed for treatment of gunshot and shrapnel wounds, it injects a group of small, rapidly-expanding sponges into the wound cavity using a syringe-like applicator. The goal is to stop hemorrhaging, one of leading causes of death on t...
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Two Wheeler Ambulance : Practical Vehicle to Respond to An Emergency

As traffic congestion increases, there’s a need for practical vehicle to carry emergency patient to the nearest hospital. This project is about transforming a motorcycle into Two Wheeler Ambulance (TWA), a compact and practical transportation that would dramatically reduce the time taken by trained medical staff to reach the patient as well as take them to the hospital. When an accident happens,...
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Farma: A Home Bioreactor to Produce Pharmaceutical Drugs

What if I told you that you could brew your own drugs? Farma is a conceptual home bioreactor to produce pharmaceutical drugs. Synthetic Biology has evolved rapidly from a scientific discipline to a large industry, there are many new companies that design microbes to produce valuable chemical such as drugs or fragrances in large fermentation reactors. Farma offers you to use synthetic microbes into...
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Air+ Smart Mask : Ergonomic Concept Face Mask with Add-on Micro Ventilators System

STUCK teamed up with Innosparks to design Air+ Smart Mask. It’s a series of conceptual respirators with innovative add-on Micro Ventilators System, offering a ground-breaking level of ergonomic and airflow comfort for user. This innovative design presents you world’s first exhalation extraction micro ventilator, it has also achieved NIOSH and CE certifications for masks that are fit tested for...
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Aiding Cup : A Pre-package Kit Containing Medicine and Clean Water

There are still hundreds of millions people don’t have access to clean and save water. This condition makes people vulnerable against diseases. Aiding Cup is an innovative project aiming to help these people to fight sickness, it’s a pre-package kit containing medicine and clean water where patient can safely consume to fight their disease. Open the package, it would expand into a cup shape fo...
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Sub-Scope Glucose Monitoring System Targets Type 1 Diabetes Patient That Plays Sports

Sub-Scope is a sub-dermal continuous glucose monitoring system that is targeted at sporty users with Type 1 diabetes. Sub-Scope has three components which work together to give the user quick and accurate readings while they are exercising. The system consists of a sub-dermal implant, a watch and an app on the user’s smart phone. It uses a passive sub-dermal RFID implant in the forearm which ...
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Ventum : Portable and Compact Respiratory System for Children

Traditional respiratory system is bulky, complicated, and doesn’t give a lot of freedom to its user. Ventum is a concept respiratory system that works just like traditional one but it frees user from multiple hoses and cables that are usually needed to power and monitor the operation. With children as target market, this medical equipment aims to give children that suffer from breathing difficul...
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Ambulance Drone Concept Delivers Emergency Supplies to Any Location in Less Than a Minute

During emergency situation when someone needs medical attention, every second counts. Alec Momont, a Dutch industrial designer, has made an attempt to add drone technology to the ambulance force in major cities around the world. This futuristic project explores the possibilities to use high-speed drone network to deliver emergency supplies to any location in only minutes. The question is, could dr...
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Thermaid : 24hours Tracking Thermometer to Take Care a Baby

Submitted by Yoonkyum Kim, Thermaid is a concept healthcare thermometer that checks and record body as well as atmosphere temperature. It also measures humidity around the baby for like 24 hours non-stop. Every parent would need this, because baby needs to be taking care of for 24 hours a day, especially when sleeping. There are numerous things we need to maintain when taking care a baby, unfortun...
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Ana Breathing Assistant To Speed Up Sedation Process for Children

Anesthesia is a serious procedure that usually leads to unpleasant experience, it requires staff to be professional and parents should be brave. The basic procedure is the same for all patients regardless their age. Adults might find it unpleasant but to children, this experience might be traumatic. Anesthesia can be performed in 2 ways: injection or gas. ANNA is a concept breathing assistant for ...
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Printed Prehensile Emulates 27 Bones of The Hand with Aluminum Tubes, Coiled Springs, and Nylon

Since the establishment of 3D printing, the world and industry, more importantly, has changed dramatically. Many have been able to combine the capability of modeling and printing to create the most amazing utilities. The modification of prosthetic is one such example. What many haven’t been able to achieve is a prosthetic that registers similar characteristics with the human appendage. Though...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical, Prosthetics

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