Vision GT Concept Car Proposal for Ferrari by Peter Spriggs

As a Ferrai fan, Peter Spriggs wanted to design a Vision Gran Turismo car, infused with Ferrari's DNA. You can read his explanations about this special project below. The Ferrari Vision GT is an unofficial concept for the Vision GT range. Ferrari is...
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Immortus Solar Electric Sports Car by Evxventures

Available in limited edition, Immortus is a solar electric spots car inspired by world portrayed in post-apocalyptic movies. It relies on the sun to power its engine with on-board storage capacity, designed to exhibit a toughness that you won’t see...
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GT Concept Car for AUFEER Design by Arpad Takacs

This GT concept car is Árpád Takács design proposal for AUFEER Design as part as his final MA project. You can read his explanation about this project below. Gran Turismo in my interpretation is a top level hypercar that you can use for everyda...
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Futuristic Nissan BladeGlider Is A 3-Seater Concept Electric Car with Exotic Styling

We think Nissan wants to blur the line between driving and gliding with Nissan BladeGlider. It’s a futuristic 3-seater concept electric car that turns the engineering paradigm to a new dimension, making driving so much fun and exciting. This projec...
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Bristol Bullet: A New Concept Mode from Bristol Cars

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Bristol Cars has unveiled their new concept Bristol car, it's the first model since 2003, called Bristol Bullet. This new model is a reference to Bristol Car's rich and strong heritage, designed with modern touch as...
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Armano Concept Supercar by Lee Rosario

The Armanno is a future design concept low profile supercar boasting hybrid engine technologies and ultra lightweight carbon fiber design. It’s a design proposal for the one and only, Ferrari. High aerodynamic and low center of gravity allows for e...
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Renault Alaskan Concept Pickup Truck Offers Modern Style To The World of Pick-ups

Renault ALASKAN concept pickup truck has been unveiled. Renault brand has been known for its light commercial vehicle for the past seventeen years, it has great positions in South American and African markets. Now, it seems that they want to broaden ...
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Roseto 11S Concept Car Design Was Inspired by Freedom Lifestyle

Roseto 11S concept car has been designed for luxury car brand, it’s a vehicle that features badass, artistic, and timeless design. The car design aims to represent American landscape, just like a Ferrari that represents the Tuscan landscape. At ...
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QClear Concept Car for Qoros Features Air Purifier to Reduce China’s Air Pollution

'QLEAR' concept car is a design proposal for Qoros, a Chinese automotive manufacturing company, it explores the potential of home-made luxury car in Chinese market for the year of 2025. This project aims to provide customers with luxurious features t...
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Vector Automobile : Single Person Vehicle with Half The Width of a Conventional Car

Vector Automobile has been designed to provide solution to our traffic problems. With more vehicles, building more roads might not always be possible, so there’s got to be something smarter that we can do to solve those issues. This concept project...
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Volkswagen LUNA : An Autonomous Concept Car with Integrated Drone

Volkswagen LUNA was born during Danilo Makio Saito's internship at Volkswagen, Brazil. It's a new concept transportation with integrated drone that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, especially data collecting in hard-to-reach areas. You can re...
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Groth Concept SUV for Extreme Road Conditions by Al Hasbi

Groth is a concept SUV inspired by futuristic robot form. Al Hasbi, an Indonesian industrial designer, said that he wanted to design a vehicle for extreme road conditions since cities in Indonesia were mostly flooded in heavy rains. You can read desc...
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Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100: Rolls Royce 103ex Could Be The Future of Luxury Mobility

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 is the future vision project of this world’s leading luxury brand about the future of luxury mobility. With code name 103EX, Rolls-Royce wants to boldly point to a brighter future for their customers high demands, comple...
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iT Concept Vehicle Could be BMW Isetta’s Off-Road Cousin

iT Electric Concept Car was a design study for one week long passion project, inspired by iconic automotive manufacturer, BMW. It was designed to be an all electric off-road vehicle of the near future, featuring a large dynamic glass roof that keeps ...
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Veemenza Concept Car Is A Design Study Inspired by Alfa Romeo Tradition of Performance-Oriented Lines and Proportions

This Veemenza concept car is the result of a year of design development, driven by a profound philosophical, historical and artistic research about the concept of beauty and dynamism expressed in artistic disciplines over time. The formal language of...
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