Mahindra Racing and Pininfarina Concept Formula E Designs Offer Fans A Glimpse of Future Formula E

Last year, Mahindra bought Pininfarina for about €168 million. Today, together Mahindra Racing and Pininfarina released 3 concept designs for future Formula E racing car. These concept cars are the result of collaborative and creative project to of...
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Huracan City Rover : Micro Car for All

No wonder Huracan City Rover won Michelin 2016 “Mobility for All” Design Challenge, this concept car rethinks the micro-car design so that it can have smaller footprint than a Smart fortwo yet features roomy design. This concept car features f...
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FFZero1 Electric Concept Car: Futuristic Single Seat Vehicle from Faraday Future

Faraday Future has revealed a futuristic concept vehicle that boasts modular platform technology at the opening of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016 in Las Vegas. FFZERO1 is a future vision of the company to rethink mobility including engineer...
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Toyota uBox Urban Utility Vehicle for Generation Z In The Year of 2020

Toyota uBox is part of Deep Orange project, this is the result of Deep Orange 6 program with objective to design youth oriented vehicle with a targeted U.S. market introduction of 2020. The vehicle should fit the need both young males and females. Th...
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Batmobile Concept Car by Encho Enchev

This cool futuristic Batmobile was born when Encho Enchev watched Batman vs Superman. He was inspired by the new vehicle design, thus, decided to create his own version of a Batmobile. This Bulgarian designer has managed to combine different elements...
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Tempo Futuristic Mobility For The Year of 2050 Encourages Its Passengers to Have Healthy Habit

Futuristic and super compact vehicle has been designed for Bogota in 2050, it’s called Tempo. Tempo is an electric automatic vehicle with capacity of 2 passengers, it’ll be used as public transportation system with fully connected network. This p...
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Inde Amphimobile : A Velomobile, A Car, and A Watercraft

Inde Amphimobile is the next step to achieve a sustainable personal transportation. It is all-in-one vehicle: a velomobile, a car, and a watercraft. Mostly interesting is, that this amphibian vehicle is powered mostly by the sun. Now there is ongoing...
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Bell & Ross AeroGT Concept Car Inspired by Aviation

Inspired by Grand Tourers a.k.a Grand Turismo in Italian, Bruno Belamich, Bell & Ross creative director, has designed Bell & Ross AeroGT. Each year, in order to create new models, he needs new sources of inspiration. Following the success of ...
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Dacia Concept Sportscar by Manole Romulus Gabriel

Dacia is a concept sportscar, a proposal based on Dacia 1300 design identity (same as the Renault 12 model), it was inspired by characteristics of this Romanian brand's history. The R12 was manufactured under license for more than 30 years in Romania...
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Toyota Setsuna Concept Car Is Made Primarily of Wood

Setsuna is an attractive concept from Toyota, a car that is made primarily of wood. Why wood? Well, Toyota chose wood as the main material because it can capture the developing relationship between people and their cars in the way it changes in appea...
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BMW Vision Next 100 Concept – Futuristic Car Concept Aims to Become Your Ultimate Driving Companion

Over the last 100 years, BMW has helped shape the future of mobility with their own unique vision, creating an ultimate vehicles for nothing but the driving pleasure. Celebrating its centenary, it’s not just a perfect time to look back of its pione...
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Alfa Romeo AW30 Is A Design Study for New Formula 1 Racing Car

After F101, Olcay Tuncay KARABULUT sent us another project where he has envisioned F1 car for Alfa Romeo brand. A new power packed performance formula 1 car has been designed that can run at the speed of 200 mph without conventional fuel. You see, e...
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Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze Convertible SUV with Futuristic Cockpit

Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze is the first open-top SUV in its class, this concept car will be revealed at the 86th Geneva Motor Show. This car would be an affordable cabriolet with a raised seating position for a perfect view of its surroundings. Underl...
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Concept_One : All Electric Hypercar Powered By Four Powerful Permanent Magnet Electric Motors

Concept_One is a world’s first all-electric hypercar unveiled by Rimac Automobili at Geneva Motor Show 2016. This car was born out of the idea how an electric powertrain can make a sports car not only faster but more adjustable, agile, and fun. Rim...
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F80 Concept Car Is An Attempt to Create A Street Legal F1 Car

In an attempt to create a street legal F1 car, Adriano Raeli has designed F80 concept car as design proposal for Ferrari. Inspired by Stealth Fighter and possible buyer personalities, this car features 2 seats in tandem position. Powered by Twin-Turb...
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