Free Floating Catamaran Suite : Enjoying Nature Is More Fun From This Mini Eco-Lodge

Nowadays people prefer to spend their time with their Xbox, Playstation or other gaming devices over outdoor activities. So, Marijn Beije, a Dutch designer, in order to encourage people to get outdoors more often designed and developed Free Floating catamaran suite or a mini eco-lodge. At first, this Free Floating was his graduation project by keeping National Parks in Netherlands in mind, he wanted visitors can enjoy the beauty of this park in fun, easy and comfortable way. Partnered with AP Kr...
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Water Discus Underwater Hotel by Deep Ocean Technology

Water Discus Underwater Hotel looks like a spaceship hotel, it comprises of two giant discs, one underwater and one above the water. Due to this architecture, guests can enjoy jaw dropping underwater views while taking the most of the warm climate. Those two discs are connected together by three solid legs and a vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway. For the discs’ structures, they can be adjusted depending on the local conditions. The underwater disc is located 10 meters beneath th...
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Piscine du Fort : Winning Entry of Swimming Pool Feng Shui 2012

Piscine du Fort project is a winning entry for Swimming Pool Feng Shui competition 2012. Feng Shui is a Chinese system that implements the balance between heaven and earth, therefore this swimming pool architecture has been carefully designed to balance every element. This concept was envisioned from praxis of lucidity, transparency and architectonic fluidity, while defining the spatial experience with natural light. Each element positions has been carefully thought to allow natural light to ove...
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Solar Floating Resort (SFR) : Perfect Getaway Resort by Michele Puzzolante

This concept Solar Floating Resort offers unique hospitality, a combination of a yacht and submarine that takes advantage of the sun to generate it’s own energy, non-polluting and works in harmony with its natural surroundings. This resort features many things that you usually find in a luxury yacht or a luxury hotel suite, the difference is the location. A fully submerged observation bulb invites guests to enjoy breath taking underwater view, enjoy exotic fish, sharks, dolphins and other amaz...
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Amsterdam Bridge V by Yaohua Wang Architecture

If you are familiar with the work of Yaohua Wang Architecture then you’ll instantly recognize Amsterdam Bridge V sophisticated structure as one his magnificent designs. This bridge concept understands the main functionality and sculpture of a bridge, as the result, every aspect in this bridge design plays important part to the unique aesthetic as seen in spiral steel structure. There are 2 independent pathways which can be used by bicyclists and pedestrians, these pathways run parallel to each...
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Biomorphic House by Pavie Architects

Here is another new futuristic free-shaped structure by Architect Ephraim-Henry Pavie, Biomorphic House. Hand made green house, soft and sensitive biomorphic architecture for a magical environment. The Biomorphic House is facing the Mediterranean Sea from its 1000-meters high, the panoramic bay windows have been shaped like amazing sunglasses overlooking the sea. The Nurbs-like glazing surfaces provide ideal support for mounting the brand new kinds of transparent Photovoltaic-cells. The elec...
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Wolke7 Future Flying House by Timon Sager

Unlike the movie “Up”, you don’t have to tie thousands of balloons to your home to make it fly. Wolke7 Future Flying House concept has envisioned the possibility of enjoying your live in the sky. If you don’t have acrophobia, you would love enjoying the view while relaxing on the deck, feel the wind on your skin. It’s a great combination of traveling yet it feels just like home. You can also say that this like a flying yacht, simply go everywhere anytime without compromise. Designer...
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Himalaya Water Tower Saves Water for Future Generations

Himalaya Water Tower concept is the winner 2012 Skyscraper competition held by eVolo Magazine. Situated in the high Himalayan mountain range, this skyscraper is responsible to store water and help regulate its distribution to the land below as the mountains natural supplies dry up. Based on Wikipedia, The Himalayan range encompasses about 15,000 glaciers, which store about 12,000 km3 of world’s freshwater. Due to climate change, these massive ice sheets are melting faster than ever that put vi...
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Aqua Industry : The Future Vision of Our Life by Eskyiu

Aqua Industry is a vision of our life in the future, it promotes water based industries in integrated urbanism while enabling environmentally and socially responsible. This installation is located at the water fountain of the Kowloon Park, Hongkong and has been carefully designed to harmonize in-between times, spaces and people to rethink the role of water ecologies, fishing communities and maritime dynamics in future housing strategy. Designer : Eskyiu (more…)...
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Cubed Maze3 Offers Unique and Surreal Visual Experience

The architecture of Cubed Maze3 adds third and fourth dimension into our traditional mazes which makes this building offers you a total unique experience. This building is constructed out of 100% recycled flexible glass based polymer to cover the whole 9 floors, multiple stairs, glass ramps as well as transparent walled partitions. It’s a mega maze that challenges and amuses everyone who tries to explore the building. Each level of Cubed Maze3 building has been designed to represent the com...
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Parachute Shelter Provides Immediate Relief Aid and A Shelter to Hard-to-Reach Locations

After natural disaster struck, immediate actions are needed to provide temporary shelters for homeless victims. However, there are victims located in difficult-to-reach locations which make it impossible to bring necessary aid delivered and distributed in short period of time. Parachute shelter design tries to answer this problem by providing a dual-use parachute. Why parachutes? Well, it makes sense that usually after natural disaster, the roads and other infrastructure are damaged which pre...
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Accordion Tent : Emergency Shelter For Natural Disaster Victims

Based on its name, we believe you’re probably can guess how Accordion Tent is used. The design was inspired by the musical instrument which takes up so little space when fully compressed, but it becomes large when you expand it. Therefore, this compact and smart Accordion Tent design is very efficient to be transported for fast accommodation after natural disasters. As you know, after natural disaster there are many people become homeless, it’s very crucial to provide sturdy temporary shelte...
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Gosta Serlachius Museum Extension by Matteo Cainer Architects

Matteo Cainer Architects have shared its latest design proposal for Gosta Serlachius Museum extension. This project explores a creative relationship between existing museum and its surrounding landscape. It harmonizes and blurs the boundaries between the existing architecture and the new one through an innovative and unique poetic architectural language. The interior of this extension also opens up as a sequence of spaces. This new extension allows the museum to develop a unique cultural envi...
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Droplet Outdoor Communal Workspace by Nick Chubb

In order to bring people together outside a university, Droplet outdoor communal workspace has been designed. It’s a unique free-hanging station just to hangout and relax while gather around outside the campus. This workspace incorporates six pods which slide around an inner or outer ring to create a framework that allows people to share the space in many unique and different arrangements. Each pod features screw-thread system to allow user to adjust its height while the unique droplet form cr...
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Nanjing Lab III Vegetation Laboratory Design Proposal by Yaohua Wang

Nanjing Lab III vegetation laboratory is a futuristic lab designed by Yaohua Wang, an avant-garde architect who has been known with his futuristic architecture designs. This design is a visualizations or proposed Nanjing Lab and currently under the schematic design phase. It’s definitely not your traditional vegetation lab that usually only focuses on the attributes of the plants themselves, this time, the lab will be used to also test plant’s behavior inside Nanjing city, such as their reac...
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