Sennkka Pier Lounge by Nuvist Architecture and Design

Sennkka Pier Lounge features sophisticated fluid design to create harmony with its surrounding. It is located at beachside, therefore, the structures need to represent calmness and peacefulness, it has to blend perfectly with tropical setting and its environment. Inspired by water and wind formations, the architect explored all possibilities to provide the best area to do sun bathing, resting, and hosting events. Designer : Nuvist Architecture and Design (more…)...
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Rostov-on-Don Airport by Twelve Architects

Twelve Architects will build Rostove-on-Don Airport in Russia, it is expected to be completed in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This terminal will accommodate 5 million passengers each year and be delivered in 2 phases as part of a wider transport development program. The architect has ensured that this airport building makes reference to the River Don, which is the origin of the city, the central landscape will connect airport terminals to hotels, car parks, train stations, or office buildin...
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Modern Public Toilet in Beijing by Michael Young

A public toilet next to Tiananmen Square in Beijing has been designed by Michael Young. This modern toilet design was developed to suit the existing environment which was de-commissioned due to ill repair some years earlier. Traditionally, all neighborhood would depend on these facilities since the local housing was built without toilets that gives context to the historical significance of this site. The location of this toilet is near one of China’s most important cultural sites, Tiananmen...
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GOW Nippon Moon : Giant Observation Wheel by UNStudio

London Eye and Singapore Flyer, you guys will have another rival here, GOW Nippon Moon. It’s a giant observation wheel designed by UNStudio to bring a fascinating journey where you can learn about environment, culture, and your central part in it. This concept Ferris wheel will be developed somewhere in Japan (the location is disclosed) and it will feature 4 main elements that define the logics of socio-architectural design, enhancement of the senses, interactivity, experience and romanticism....
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10-Square Meters Smart Student Unit Is A Smart, Green, and Affordable House for Student

This Smart Student Unit was built on only 10-square meters space by Tengbom Architects in order to offer student with an affordable, eco-friendly, and smart house. The project is the result of collaboration between wood manufacturer Martinson and real estate company AF Bostäder. The main goal is clearly stated here, it is to design a habitat that meets student’s needs in smart, sustainable, and affordable, you can find one of these units being displayed in Virserum Art Museum. It is said that...
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Hank Bought A Bus Project Transformed A School Bus Into A Tiny Living Space

Hank bought a bus, that’s the title of this project but really, Hank did buy a bus and convert it into a mobile tiny living space. As an architecture student, Hank was tired of drawing buildings for imaginary clients with many details that he didn’t fully get it, so he started to work his own project, exploring details and working with his hands at full scale. The school bus was purchased on Craigslist for $3000 and it required $6000 in improvements, the result is a cozy living space that co...
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Related Companies 11-Storey Residential Condominium by Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects has been commissioned to design 11-storey residential condominium for Related Companies in New York City. This project will continue Related Companies’ reputation of partnering with world-class architects and designers to develop modern urban architecture, it also marks Hadid’s first commission in the city. The project will capture the richness of its vibrant and historic urban context, it will blend harmoniously between the city and high line to create powerful dyna...
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Cathay Pacific Luxury First Class Cabin by Foster + Partners

After successfully redesigned Cathay Pacific’s flagship lounge at Hong Kong International Airport, Foster + Partners has carried the luxury lounge design into Cathay Pacific Luxury First Class Cabin of Boeing 777-300ER fleet. The cabin has been designed with warm white leather, dark grey surfaces, and walnut finishes, it creates calm and relaxing atmosphere. Every element has been carefully considered and refined, starting from handmade woolen carpet, new reading light, refurbished bathrooms, ...
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Briggo Coffee Haus Smart Kiosk : Order and Make Your Coffee Online

Briggo Coffee Haus Smart Kiosk project was born out of a collaboration between Briggo and FuseProject. The idea is to bring you a new experience of getting your coffee, you can conveniently order your coffee remotely and pick-up quickly, no more waiting in line. Honestly, the only reason why we wait in long line is to get the perfect coffee the way we like it. This project allows you to customize your coffee to your taste preferences remotely, a breakthrough from brainchild of technologist Charl...
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ALIS Battery Park Bench Design

ALIS is a bench design for Battery Park, a territory that serves as a platform for exploration in the design of public space. This bench is constructed by utilizing the process of renewable plastic injection molding. This process is a common form of method for manufacturing plastic products, usually you can find the application in urban playful equipment. Once user engages with ALIS, the lightness of this object re-informs user’s understanding of initial static nature of the object. ALIS ac...
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Foldable Eco-Friendly DOME Is A Perfect All Season Home

Designed as all season home, this foldable eco-friendly DOME uses unconventional space to create comfortable habitat wherever you are. It is easily foldable and uses environmentally friendly materials and construction, it utilizes natural energy supply with lower costs construction. The internal structure provides great resistance to external influences, it is constructed from glued laminated timber with metal mounts, 200mm insulation, 9mm fiber concrete slab for exterior finish covered with liq...
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Stunning SongJiang Hotel Project Takes Advantage of Abandoned Water-Filled Quarry

SongJiang Hotel concept is pretty stunning project, it’s been won by Atkins as part of an international design competition to design a 5-star resort hotel set. It will take advantage of the beautiful but abandoned water-filled quarry and blend this nature with the hotel structure, a perfect leisure resort in China that includes extreme sports facilities (rock climbing, water based sports, bungee jumping, and many more), 400-bed hotel, visitor center, cafes, restaurants, conference facilities u...
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Architectural Vision of the Future : Aquapolitain by HWANG Tzy-Lung Stefan

Cities were first built at the water's edge to benefit from its beneficence, but some are nowadays threatened by rising sea level and their lands will decrease while their growth always requires more space and the surrounding land no longer allow expansion. Building on the sea is more than conceivable, especially as technically feasible. Several solutions exist today to build on the sea, the most common technique now is the landfill to create artificial land, however, the future rather belong...
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Futuristic Grand Cancun Eco Tourism Resort to Address Our Energy Crisis and Global Warming

Grand Cancun could be the world’s first luxury eco tourism resort that responds to our energy crisis and local fossil fuel dependency of the city. A huge marine platform complex designed by Prof. Arch. Richard Moreta Castillo who has been involved in green architecture for a long time. This is a vision for the year 2020 where Cancun will celebrate its 50th founding anniversary, a landmark or a memorial sculptural which is adapted from “Kaan Kun” or Nest of Snakes, just like the magical leg...
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Miami Lift Elevates Visitors to Provide Them a New Perspective of The City

Miami Lift project has won Landmark Miami competition 2013 held by DawnTown. The theme focuses on designing an iconic structure where cities would be instantly recognized by it. Miami has been known for its beautiful landmarks, however, as the city changes, the competition organizers believe that it needs new symbol for the future. Architects and designers participated to create a gorgeous, futuristic architectural piece that would contribute to shape the image of Miami. Miami Lift features a...
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