Droplet Outdoor Communal Workspace by Nick Chubb

In order to bring people together outside a university, Droplet outdoor communal workspace has been designed. It’s a unique free-hanging station just to hangout and relax while gather around outside the campus. This workspace incorporates six pods which slide around an inner or outer ring to create a framework that allows people to share the space in many unique and different arrangements. Each pod features screw-thread system to allow user to adjust its height while the unique droplet form cr...
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Nanjing Lab III Vegetation Laboratory Design Proposal by Yaohua Wang

Nanjing Lab III vegetation laboratory is a futuristic lab designed by Yaohua Wang, an avant-garde architect who has been known with his futuristic architecture designs. This design is a visualizations or proposed Nanjing Lab and currently under the schematic design phase. It’s definitely not your traditional vegetation lab that usually only focuses on the attributes of the plants themselves, this time, the lab will be used to also test plant’s behavior inside Nanjing city, such as their reac...
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Urban Beehive Concept by Philips Design

We think that Urban Beehive concept from Philips is an ingenious design to keep bees at home. The concept allows you to have a glimpse into the fascinating world of these industrious creatures while at the same time you can also harvest the honey that they produce. This concept is sustainable and eco-friendly while it also has educational effects from observing the bees in action. Aside from honey, the other benefits for the city would be pollination. Designer : Philips Design (more&h...
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Busan Camellian Opera House by Matteo Cainer Architects

Busan Camellian Opera House received honourable mention at Busan Opera House competition for its attractive and serene opera house design. This project represents the city and its cultural background through camellia flower that is luxurious, large and conspicuous. Since this project is meant to become a cultural link, it’s been designed to be very attractive to host a variety of social groups of different ages. Designer : Matteo Cainer Architects (more…)...
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Form In Motion Is A Perfect Environment Based Geometric Design By Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects, keeping their usual fluid movement language intact, has designed Form in Motion, a groundbreaking exhibition center for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The design incorporates wavy geometries that give it a great touch of urbanism, while displays a swelling three dimensional environment both from inside and out. The design flow has been perfectly carried out by active combination of architecture, landscape and geology, and the point where these elements intersect by giving...
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Fascinating Roca London Gallery Uk By Zaha Hadid Architects

The main inspiration of the innovative design of Roca London Gallery, UK has been derived from the power of water as a transforming element to carve a sequence of dynamics. This 1100 square meter gallery is featured with stunning architectural design that can offer an extraordinary futuristic feel to the visitors. It was designed not to be just a display center; also, this gallery will be a place where people can arrange exhibitions, seminars, meetings, presentations, debates and many more. The ...
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Eco Drive Monorail : The Sustainable Rail Service Solution Concept For Future

Eco Drive Monorail concept must be the most effective way as of now to take out the most from the existing rail infrastructure, while ensuring adequate and space efficient rail transportation solution for future generation. High demand in peak commuter hours will never be an issue to bother for passengers because the same old train track will be accommodating three trains including the old one, and two more on the monorail. The most amazing thing is the EDM concept features two trains actually, ...
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Arena Venom Opera House by Hend Almatrouk

Arena Venom Opera House looks like coming from final fantasy games. In order to set apart from traditional opera house, this architect has designed futuristic, unusual, and complex structure that forms an opera house and concert hall in the middle of Stadtpark in Vienna. Designer : Hend Almatrouk (more…)...
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Spaceport America Design Proposal by James Law Cybertecture

Spaceport America is one of great James Law Cybertecture’s designs to offer a breathtaking and jaw-dropping experience to the world citizens. We know that the official architects for Spaceport America are URS and Foster + Partners, however, we'd just like to show you other design proposal that offers the same futuristic elements. This commercial spacesport has been uniquely designed to utilize a liquid metal structural theme to illustrate the ground-breaking and challenging mission of our mode...
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Beijing House II by Yaohua Wang Architecture

From my point of view, Beijing House II looks like giant spaceship trying to invade a building. This futuristic spaceship is actually a house with 3 bedrooms, a studio and a green room. During the modernization of Beijing, there were many independent housing typology destroyed (fortunately, the government leaves some historical houses intact), you’ll find many huge stacking commercial residential buildings today. Designer : Yaohua Wang Architecture (more…)...
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Bionic Arch Echo Tower Symbolizes Future Eco-Friendly Green Taiwan

Bionic Arch is a pioneering building design concept that has been specially created with a goal to symbolize the dynamics of economic, social, political and cultural achievements of new eco-friendly green city of Taiwan as a part of the new master plan “Taichung Gateway – Active Gateway City”. This groundbreaking design combines the nine major indicators that require a building to be called as Green by law, planting green, water conservation, daily energy efficiency, carbon dioxide reducti...
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Bifurcating Ecologies Proposal For Dalian Challenge Cup 2011

Bifurcating Ecologies is a developmental master planning proposal which traces through humanizing the accessibility of the Hong Kong Wanchai District Waterfront through proposing new branching open landscapes and bifurcation of programs, which introduces new innovative topological energy creation that regenerates and reconnects the community. (more…)...
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LaFenice Sculpture for “Piazza della Memoria” by Architecture and Vision

LaFenice is the winning sculpture for the “Piazza della Memoria” in the form of highly polished stainless steel sculpture. This public art is dedicated to the people of the city of Messina, Sicily. It’s 4,1m high with three and a half highly reflective, slightly shifted double pyramids where each pyramid has transparent blue glass base, reflective at day and light-emitting at night. LaFenice generates a tension between gravity and the reminiscent feeling of growth as well as the upheaving ...
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New Taipei Art Museum Design Proposal by James Law Cybertecture

James Law Cybertecture has shared us their design proposal for New Taipei Art Museum. This museum is an urban building or space for the expression and exhibition of art. The main idea was to design a unique architecture that allows the building becomes an art piece itself. The brief is clear, to create space that’s unique and flexible, a seamless fluidity and formless space to promote movement and interaction. James Law Cybertecture is proudly present their design perspective with our reade...
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Busan Opera House Design Proposal by EMERGENT Architecture

This Busan Opera House design proposal features a synthetic mountain architecture that stands in contrast to the horizontality of the Marine Culture District but still relates to the mountainous topography of the city. The opera house can be seen from all over the bay as a beautiful and strong silhouette that bounds to the characteristic of the city. The opera house will be housing two main areas that contain 2000-seat opera and 1300-seat multifunctional theater. These volumes are loosely con...
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