CARV : Future Mountain Rescue Vehicle That No Rescue Team Should Be Without

This is a very interesting concept, that no rescue team should exist without. The designer, Matt Hardman, designed the CARV to be both useful in summer and winter scenarios. The vehicle is inspired from existing snowmobile design, the steel banded rubber track system, teamed up with air suspension provide the perfect combination of handling and riding. The suspension and the shape of the vehicle enable it to overcome any extreme environment, steep hills and deep snow, with ease. This stunning rescue vehicle is powered by a 2.0 liter diesel electric hybrid engine, making it also Eco friendly and creating a strong bond between the rescue team and the alpine ecosystem. The electricity is provided by the solar panels on top of the vehicle. The engine being a hybrid, helps the rescuers drive the CARV in compact snow without the risk of triggering an avalanche due to the low, almost non-existing engine vibrations.

The interesting feature is casualties transport. The casualties are strapped into a stretcher  at the rear of the vehicle, which can be loaded in and out using a winch system. Due to the GPS tracking beacon system along side which the CARV operates, and which is currently built in the lift pass system, the rescue response is cut drastically and it allows anyone in need of help to send a distress call instantly. The CARV will make the difference between life and death in the future rescue operations.

Designer : Matt Hardman

Rescue concept vehicle

CARV concept vehicle

Carv rescue concept

Rescue Carv concept

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