Innovative Indoor Hydroponic Plant System

The Hydroponic Plant System is an innovative concept that offers the user a comprehensive gardening facility by implementing efficient and functional technology. It is actually two twisting metal tubes starting from the floor to the roof of the room, where plants can be placed in different arrangements, allowing maximum convenience for taking care of them by reaching them all at once easily. Moreover, this innovative plant arrangement will provide better options to accumulate lights for the plant, which is very much important for their existence.

hydronic plant system

hydronic plant system

Text from Rafael :

To develop a plant system, for a circular house, based on the silver generation theme, that would bring a comfortable time for the couple together during cooking, with a healthy life concept behind.

A product that can help them at the kitchen, integrate the environment (kitchen at the middle of the circular house), providing a healthy life style with organic foods, making the cooking moment easy, simple and fun. A hydroponic indoor system witch the aim is to rescue the pleasure of growing and prepare our own food without working hard or spend so much time, exploring the shape of the DNA molecule, the grow of a new life. The product is made simple, two vertical metal tubes where the germinated seeds of the plants are placed into some small holes around the tubes. A net hold it till it starts to grow.There also a light system, with a mobile light focus that can be programed along the path where it moves, providing the right time of light for certain plant. The hydroponic process is based on the NFT hydroponic system, a active process where a solution with nutrients its bombed from a deposit to the culture channel. Part of the root of the plant its getting a constant water flux, while the other part is in direct contact with the humid air.

Sören and his wife have not so much time together, so when they are able to have a meal at home, his wife likes to prepare it herself, with calm and love. This rare moments that the couple have together are the main point that this project explores.

Materials and Fabrication Process
3 Metal tubes; 2 running from top to bottom of the kitchen, 1 that works like a path for the light. The tubes have a shape conformation, till it reaches the shape of the DNA. They have small connexions outside the house that makes the water flux works in a cycle, with a bomb to provide this. A small programed engine makes the movement of the light along the third tube, right on the middle of the structure.

This project was based on a briefing of the International Design Award (IDA2009).

hydronic plant system

hydronic plant system

hydronic plant system

Designer : Rafael Fernando and Débora Nogueira

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2 thoughts on “Innovative Indoor Hydroponic Plant System

  1. Very nice, I though of a similar design using a fractal pattern in order to increase grop yield in a confined environment but mainly to add style to the grow your own concept.

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