Amuen : The New Social Network for Creative Souls

World-recognized strategy, innovation, and design consultancy RKS, in collaboration with Neuma, is proud to announce the debut of, the new social network where creative souls can connect to celebrate, showcase, and inspire all kinds of creativity and art.

When it comes to reasons to live, art and human interaction top the list for Carson Hill, painter, tattoo artist, and inventor. “Art is very inspiring – to me the universe and everything in it is art,” said Carson. Steve Johnson, Carson’s right hand at Neuma (the company behind the Neuma Hybrid) comes from a very different, but no less creative world. The idea for Amuen (am-yoo-en) struck when Carson and Steve realized there was a need for a site that welcomes creatives and artists of all types. No matter what your medium, there are elements of the creative process that transcend any one discipline.

Why the name Amuen? Well, Amuen is a type of African word that means “spirits,” – a nod to the creative spirit within each of us. Neuma on the other hand, is Latin for “spirited” or air-powered. Oh, and if you hadn’t noticed, Amuen is Neuma spelled backwards. But that’s strictly coincidence.

amuen web

amuen web

Designer : RKS Design

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