TokyoFlash Galaxy Watch Review

Before I found Galaxy Watch on the web of TokyoFlash, I didn’t felt the need of a new watch and I was so impressed with the appearance, functionalities and uniqueness that couldn’t resist to have one.

Starting from the web, the layout itself is quite enticing that can keep a visitor easily in the site for a longer period of time checking here and there. Galaxy watch attained my attention from a huge list of exciting watches out there because of two reasons, one is the unique way of time reading and another one is the stylish and futuristic appearance.

Last week, I received this Galaxy watch from TokyoFlash. I unpacked the box and the first thing came to my mind was the Galaxy watch could go beyond anyone’s imagination from any viewpoint. Let us know what you think and which one is your favorite watch, we might host a giveaway for you ;). Read my hands on review after the jump.

From : TokyoFlash [Buy it here $127.03]

TokyoFlash Galaxy LED Watch

TokyoFlash Galaxy LED Watch

Starting from the brand new way of time reading to the sleek, brushed silver polished construction denotes the unique functionality and elegance of the watch. The display is using digital tube LED technology to show the time through varied color bars, each with different attributes. Checking time with this watch is far simpler that it actually seems. The 12 yellow bars of the watch represents hours in the clockwise direction, each of the 11 red bars symbolizes a block of 5 minutes and last 4 green bars are single minutes.

This product features

  • Displays the time
  • Features digital tube technology
  • Stainless steel strap
  • Maximum wrist size: 210 mm (approx.)
  • Case Dimensions: 35 mm x 43 mm x 11 mm
  • Weight: 130 grams
  • Water resistance: 3ATM
  • Japanese and English instructions
  • One year warranty

TokyoFlash Galaxy LED Watch

TokyoFlash Galaxy LED Watch

TokyoFlash Galaxy LED Watch

One thing I am experiencing since I am using the watch is that the extraordinary way of time reading can only be revealed by me which is fun most of the times, but sometimes it become so disturbing with endless queries by the surrounding people who can’t do anything but steering on the watch with a blank eye. Another important issue is the watch can’t display date/month or other stuffs like conventional digital watches. Moreover, the bulky size and thick dimensions of the watch makes it unsuitable for women.

TokyoFlash Galaxy LED Watch

Now with Galaxy watch, doesn’t matter how many times I see the watch, my friends or colleagues, who don’t know what they are thinking a stylish bracelet is actually a watch, never get annoyed and ask if I have some other tasks to attend or just waiting for someone.

I really wish Tokyo Flash would come out with another version of this watch that can also display date/month like other digital watches.

This watch can give a perfect next generation touch to the user’s personality and enhance the value among others. Also, have I told you that it comes with one year warranty?
[Buy Galaxy watch $127.03]

TokyoFlash Galaxy LED Watch

Tuvie has received this product from our ‘Ask for A Review‘ feature, where we receive test unit/product sample for a review.

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10 thoughts on “TokyoFlash Galaxy Watch Review

  1. Cheaply made overpriced Junk. I recently purchased the 3D unlimited watch from Toyko Flash. After all taxes and additional delivery fee's FedEx applies on the back end I paid $168.00us. Which is fine, providing the watch is of reasonable quality…

    And this is where the fun begins. These watches are cheap junk. The watchband is heavy, clunky, and impossible to resize without damaging it, so take to a jeweler and spend more money. The clasp is cheap so you'll just end up replacing the entire wristband anyway. The watch itself fogs up, and the lens smears easily and will scratch. These watches are on par with a $14.00 casio, you'd buy at a walmart or something. The quality simply isn't there.

    Now, people have been getting duped into buying cheap trinkets since the dawn of man, and that's fine. However, there is no reason as a paying customer that I don't take upon myself to caution other's that these watches aren't very good.

  2. I've had 5 tokyoflash watches. The first poster is correct. All of these watches are cheap, overpriced junk over VERY POOR quality. Despite the moniker, they are made in China, probably in the same factory that makes the cheap no-name brands. While the concepts of tokyoflash watches are cool, the execution is so poor quality that of the 5 different tokyoflash watches I've owned, 4 had to go back for service, one was DOA, and another died w/i 2 days of receipt. I cannot emphasize enough how VERY POOR quality these expensive junk watches are — shitty electronic movements, very, very low quality finish on the metal, lots of heap plastic. For less than the cost of a TokyoFlash watch, if you like something a little different, go for 01 The One. 01 The One watches can be had for less money than TokyoFlash and are so far above TokyoFlash in quality that it is like comparing a beer can to a machined cylinder. Actually, the beer can is higher quality than TokyoFlash watches. Buy the chinese knockoff junk for $5 to $15 rather than pay 25 to 35x as much for a tokyoflash watch; they'll last just as long as a TokyoFlash watch. Figure TokyoFlash watches are useless throwaways. Swatches are better made.

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