Transport Heavy Items with Special Designed Helicopter

Use of Helicopters for lifting heavy items are not that trendy in the recent world but still there is always a need of a helicopter that can lift gigantic items for easy and quick transportation. This heavy lift robotic helicopter concept was designed during last 2008 with keeping giant lifting capabilities in mind. The innovative design will let the helicopter to pull a remarkably high object and the placing of the propellers have made them easy movable to offer better control. Both of the landing beams are supported with three hydraulic legs that can increase or reduce the height of the giant lifter.

heavy lift robotic helicopter

heavy lift robotic helicopter

Jon says:
The basic principle for the helicopter is to serve in the military as an unmanned helicopter to help out the construction crews build bases quickly. Dual propellers mounted on either side give stability as well as an incredible amount of lifting capacity considering the size of the vehicle. It’s just near the size of an average sedan but could easily lift a military grade hummer or whatever supplies the crew/troops need.

Maneuverability is key and so the engine pods can pivot in any direction needed to fit into small spots or to find its way through a city. Two cables come down from both ends of the vehicle to attach onto the object needing transport. The landing gear can also be used to pick up objects or to give the object some stability when in motion.

heavy lift robotic helicopter

heavy lift robotic helicopter

heavy lift robotic helicopter

heavy lift robotic helicopter

heavy lift robotic helicopter

heavy lift robotic helicopter

Designer : Jon Russel

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3 thoughts on “Transport Heavy Items with Special Designed Helicopter

  1. Needs center fueslage main Winch aside landing leg cranes & pilots cabin someplace.

    Need NOTAR or other "rudder" for steering.

    Very Unique to sell for US military.

    Apps for:

    Firefighting wilderness

    Search Rescue

    Unrep Navy ships at sea



    Emerg pre fab shelters.


    Tug- boats, ships.

    Deploy sensor pods?

    Firefighting: wreck bldgs to clear Urban fire?

    carry shipping containers to trucking center?

    Passenger Tour Pod attached.

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