Cadillac TLR Truck Series Concept Design by Arthur B. Nustas

This project is a design study for Cadillac, offering a modern truck model infused with Cadillac’s DNA. Designed by Arthur B. Nustas, this project started as a quick sketch that turned into a full 6-wheel heavy-duty truck model. The extra large win...
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Rapid Deployment Snow Vehicle (RDSV) for Polar Environment

Rapid Deployment Snow Vehicle (RDSV) is a conceptual 2-seater high-speed vehicle specially designed for polar environment. An ideal transportation for polar exploration, medical emergencies, rescue missions, or just recreational snow vehicle. This ve...
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Basiani High-Tech Armored Concept Vehicles by Giorgi Tedoradze

Basiani is high-tech armored vehicles from Georgia. Its design is determined by its function, this vehicle should be simple, mobile, and highly protect its passengers. On board, it can accommodate up to 6 soldiers. This armored vehicle can perform...
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NAMLA Concept 4WD Pickup by Dr Hussien Al Jammazi

Submitted by Dr Hussien Al Jammazi, NAMLA is a concept 4WD pickup inspired by an ant, perhaps a fire ant. The cabin mimics the large ant’s head, making it pretty spacious for a passenger and a driver. It’s a two-seater pickup with 1200cc 4-cylind...
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Futuristic Iveco Z Truck : Next Generation of Zero Impact Concept Truck

Iveco Z Truck is a futuristic concept of a long haul truck, it breaks a way from the standard of a zero-impact vehicle to become a totally sustainable transport system. This truck has zero CO2 emissions, thanks to optimized Liquefied Natural Gas tech...
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Futuristic Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Is A Future Vision of A Logistic Van with Fully Integrated System

Mercedes-Benz has released its futuristic vision of a logistic van, Vision Van. It’s an electrically powered, automated, and of course, fully connected van aims to revolutionize last-mile delivery services. With an integrated system, this van can c...
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HMK Vision Concept Compactor Can Be Combined with Different Attachment in Single Drum

Soon after Hidromek's acquisition of Mitsubishi's motor grader business, the subject of expanding the product range arose, and the 15-ton capacity HMK Vision Compactor concept was the result. Hakan Telesik, Hidromek's design studio executive, believe...
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Tram Design for Klaipeda by Andre Divejev

This tram has been designed to answer the challenge of designing modern and appealing transportation for Klaipeda. This public transportation must reflect the city’s cozy and harbor style, introducing a new key element into its appearance while all...
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Scootboard : A Kickscooter Inspired by A Skateboard and A Longboard Design

Tamar Canfi, a young industrial designer, has come up with a personal transportation that allows you to cruise the city street easy. It’s called ScootBoard. This type of transportation is ideal for short distances of up to 1.5km in urban environmen...
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ESSENZ Concept Pedelec for Urban Environment to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Essenz is a concept proposal for Schaeffler, it’s a pedelec for urban environment. Urban areas are dealing with traffic congestion daily, the roads just can’t cope with increased volume of traffic. Due to this problem, cities are actively finding...
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Processor007 : Drone Aircraft Concept Proposal for Airbus Group

The PROCESSOR 007 is a UAV/drone aircraft design concept for the Airbus Group. It has been designed to perform a series of tasks that could well be the future of emergency delivery systems. It will also prove beneficial to any other delivery tasks re...
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Futuristic Centurion Desert Transporter by Navneeth Kannan

Centurion Desert Transporter is a futuristic, sci-fi vehicle dedicated to explore desert area in a planet called Gemelli. Read the background story from the designer below. On the planet of Gemelli, a massive spaceship is broken up into three piec...
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Premium Garia Golf Car Design Is Injected with Mercedes-Benz Sportscar Style

Garia, a luxury golf car manufacturer, teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to design and develop luxury golf cars that feature Mercedes-Benz style. As you know, Mercedes-Benz’s DNA has been infused into variety of vehicles that move on water, on land, and...
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Autonomous Passenger Drone Features Modular Design for Different Situations

This Autonomous Passenger Drone has been designed for the future where people can use personal aerial vehicles just like they use their cars today. The idea here is to combine the popular video drones with driverless solutions to create a new type of...
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Futuristic Truck Designs for AUDI by Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko

This project started as a plan to design design an electric, autonomous truck for AUDI. During the sketching process, these designers were supposed to choose out of 2 options: Truck A – an electric truck for highway, an autonomous vehicle. Truc...
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