3D Printed Modular Habitat on Mars – Living on Other Planets Might Be Possible in The Future

Living on Mars might not be just a wishful thinking, NASA and America Makes have teamed up to launch 3D Printed Habitat Challenge where participants are tasked to design 3D printed habitat for deep space exploration. One of the finalists is Foster + Partners, this company has come up with 3D Printed Modular Habitat where the design outlines plans for a settlement on Mars. It is constructed by an array of pre-programmed, semi-autonomous robots prior to eventual arrival of the astronauts. The desi...
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Kokomo Island : Private Floating Habitat by Migaloo Submarines

Kokomo Ailand is a private floating habitat supported by semi-submersible platforms. If you are filthy rich, you probably can be the owner of this luxury penthouse that stands 80m above sea level, it has jungle deck with palm tress, vertical gardens, beach deck completed with entertainment pool and barbecue area, garden deck with al-fresco outdoor dining, spa deck, gorgeous waterfalls, beach gym, underwater dining saloon. Of course they don’t forget to also build heli deck as well as shark fee...
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Solar-powered Desert Retreat for Wealthy UAE Residents

Solar-powered Desert Retreat would emerge as a luxury desert eco-retreat. United Arab Emirates is one of richest countries with luxury private jets, supercars, and superyachts, now, these wealthy UAE residents would be able to enjoy luxury yet sustainable trend. This eco desert retreats would emerge amongst new generation of Emiratis. Baharash Architecture were tasked to design a luxury desert eco-retreat for one of Emirate’s highest profile individuals. This building will be located in Liw...
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F008 Tokyo Music Centre by Fly Architecture

The world of music should be accessible to everyone, that’s why F008 Tokyo Music Centre has been designed with a full transparent building structure. This unique transparent solitaire offers nice views into the inner workings of the building to give passer-by the feeling just by take a look in. Classical and Jazz music should be restricted to the elite, hidden behind walls, it should be something for all people. Designer : Fly Architecture (more…)...
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Garden Igloo 360 Geodesic Dome Gives You Comfortable Outdoor Living Space

Garden Igloo 360 Geodesic Dome is a multipurpose dome that can add a nice touch to any outdoor living space. It can function as your garden storage, playground, greenhouse, and many more, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. This dome is designed for both as a winter garden or a summer canopy, you can create comfortable outdoor shelter in a form of an igloo. This unit comes with easy-to-follow step by step instruction guide, you can assembly this unit without any tools or h...
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Sandstorm Turbine Solar Cluster Greenhouse Concept for Gobi Desert

The Gobi desert has a dry prevailing Westerly wind that choreographs a shifting landscape, reforming dunes and redefining ecological terrains. The Gobi's extreme climate and latitude contribute to the nature of the wind currents. One of the biggest problems of the Gobi is desertification and the accelerated rate at which the desert sands and loess expand, around 3,600 km2 of grassland is claimed every year by the Gobi Desert resulting in an increasing number of dust storms. The expansion of t...
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Messner Mountain Museum Corones by Zaha Hadid Architects

Located 2,275m above sea level and surrounded by alpine peaks of the Zillertal, Ortler, and Dolomites, Messner Mountain Museum Corones offers breathtaking view. It stands at the center South Tyrol’s most popular ski resort, if you’ve been there, you know how amazing that place is. Zaha Hadid was commissioned to design a magnificent Museum that represents the traditions, history, and discipline of mountaineering. It would be the sixth and final Messner Mountain Museum. Hadid says that the ...
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Vertical City : Modular Skyscraper Structure for Middle East

Vertical City is a design proposal by Luca Curci architects for a vertical city-building settled in the water project located in Middle East. It’s a special project that combines sustainability with population density, the goal here is to build a zero-energy city building. It started by analyzing contemporary skyscraper structure, conceived as a compact element, smooth, and alienated from the surrounding space. This project tries to re-interpret the structure in an opened structure, equippe...
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Floating Hotel with Catamaran-apartments Is Perfect for Nature Tourism

Floating Hotel is a special project developed with aim to promote tourism on inland waters where guests can enjoy wonderful nature in untouched areas. This project would be perfect solution for tourism without any violation of the natural harmony of the place itself. Designed to float on water, it consists of 2 parts: central floating construction and apartment catamaran units. The central floating construction is the area for restaurant, reception, event hall, offices for staff, and a café....
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Tentative Post Disaster Tent : Compact Disaster Shelter Solution

Inspired by recent earthquakes in Turkey, Hakan Gürsu has come up with Tentative Post Disaster Tent concept. Do you know that natural disasters have displaced more than 22 million people in 2013 alone, this number is 3 times more than war. That’s why it’s crucial to support the housing of these victims through sturdy temporary shelters. Tentative offers a smart compact disaster shelter solution, made of a fiber and a durable weather resistant textile that is quilted sewed with thermally ins...
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SeaScape Floating Villa Features Stylized Triangular Pontoon Base

Coastal living concept has been unveiled by BMT Asia Pacific that offers you unique experience, more than style and luxury. SeaScape is concept of floating villas that boast open air spaces and clean lines, each villa is housed on stylized triangular pontoon base where guests can choose to enjoy a standalone villa or combine each module to create a larger integrated complex. Modules can connect together edge to edge, creating a number of possible arrangements. In 2013, BMT developed a series ...
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Laterns Sea Village : Temporary Housing Proposal for Surfers in Tarita

Archinect has designed Laterns Sea Village, a set of tetrahedral buildings for surfers in Tarifa. This architecture features light tetrahedron structures that hover over the sea, suspended in just one point. It’s a perfect place to house suffers who enjoy the beach without interfering on a beautiful landscape of Tarifa. These 100 tetrahedron architectures line up linearly on the sea, rotating their disposal in the form of semi square to promote life of the surfers. Each unit is constructed ...
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Ecocapsule : Low-Energy House in A Compact Form for Two Adults

For all adventure lovers, Ecocapsule would like to provide you with low-energy house packed in a compact form that you can place in any location. This small habitat boasts energy efficient shape, compact volume, and off-grid capabilities, you would also appreciate the warm bed, running water, and a hot meal. Ecocapsule might look small but it actually can accommodate comfortably 2 adults, thanks to its efficient spatial layout, you can get to enjoy convenience of household facilities in off-g...
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Collingwood Shepherd Hut : Cozy Little Hut for One Person

Collingwood Shepherd Hut is a cozy and comfy little hut that you can tow anywhere. You can move it wherever you want without any extra construction costs or building permits, this little hut blurs the line between office, home, and cabin. Crafted from hardwearing materials, set atop cast iron wheels, this little studio/playroom/home office/den is perfect when you need sometime to be alone. The timeless design makes this hut going back to its essentials, a place when you need to get away from ...
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Air Monument : Self-Sustaining Atmosphere Database Skyscraper

Air Monument is a atmosphere database skyscraper to help people study better to find better solution for climate change. Realizing global climate is a growing problem, studying atmosphere components might provide the possibilities for us to learn the law of climate changing. This futuristic building is a conceptual skyscraper that keeps atmosphere samples automatically every year, as time passes by, it will become a library where people can do research on atmosphere components to find a better w...
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