Seoul Twin Eye – Modern Spokeless Ferris Wheel for Peace Park Wheel in Seoul

UNStudio has teamed up with Arup and local firm Heerim Architecture to design visionary proposal for the new Peace Park Wheel in Seoul. This landmark project is started by Seoul Metropolitan Government for Sangam World Cup Park.

Dubbed Seoul Twin Eye, UNStudio has translated Mayor of Seoul’s vision “Han River with a Thousand Sunsets”, it’s a vision of creating a thousand spots along Han River as public spaces for people of Seoul. Seoul Twin Eye is a 180-meter high ferris wheel slated to be built on the edge of the Han River just next to the World Cup Stadium.

Seoul Twin Eye by UNStudio

First of its kind, Seoul Twin Eye is a spokeless Ferris Wheel with two intersecting rings where each ring carries pods that revolve around inside and outside tracks. The Ferris Wheel is able to accommodate up to 64 capsules and each can carry 20 to 25 people at once. Basically, this structure can provide rides to more than 1,400 people simultaneously, yes, it is almost doubling the capacity of the London Eye.

The design focuses on the concept of unity as a symbol for the design. Furthermore, the wheel is inspired by the Honcheonsigye, an astronomical clock that displays the movement of celestial objects through time.

Seoul Twin Eye by UNStudio has a diameter of 180 meters, the wheel is built upon a 40 meter high cultural complex which is expected to house an exhibition space, F&B outlets, and a performance hall. The Ferris Wheel stands atop this podium and reaching a height of 220 meters, it could become world’s tallest spokeless Ferris Wheel.

Seoul Twin Eye by UNStudio

Seoul Twin Eye by UNStudio

Seoul Twin Eye by UNStudio

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