Zenith Defy Xtreme Watch Collections Waterproof at 1000 meters

A luxury watch from Zenith, defy xtreme watch features a multi-layered see-through structure composed of shock-resistant transparent Hesalite glass, Carbon fiber layer and varnished dial plate. Black titanium case and bracelet with Kevlar inserts, high-temperature resistance and a position sensitive gyroscope cage Tourbillon designed to enhance accuracy. The striking design’s gyroscope cage tourbillon and constant horizontal escapement is a feature which means the mechanism avoids the effects of gravity.

zenity defy xtreme

According to Zenith this is a ” a major innovation in the world of watchmaking” providing “considerably greater accuracy”. Reducing the effects of gravity was certainly a critical factor in 1795 when the tourbillon was invented and mechanical pocket watches (prone to inaccuracy because of gravity) were all the rage. We’re not 100% sure of its impact on modern watch design, but it undoubtedly bestows a level of prestig

zenity defy xtreme

zenity defy xtreme

Zenith Defy Xtreme collections are water-resistant down to 1000 meters, perfect choice for sea adventurers, this futuristic watch certainly gives you higher level of prestige.

Designer : Zenith Watches

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