Vita, Lie-flat Hospital Chair Concept

Tired of seeing a small room in the hospital that doesn’t cure you but makes you feel more uncomfortable? Then there is a solution for it. The “Vita lie-flat hospital chair” gives you the pleasure of a bed and a chair in one. This chair is exclusively made for patients that seek support to their back and legs while resting. It can be converted into a bed in a minute and chair again in the same time. It can be adjusted to an appropriate angle that the patient requires. Even 180 degrees is possible to give the patient a complete rest and a comfortable night.

Looking at the design, it looks to me as a stylish one accompanied by soft cushions like bed on the top. It is very easy to move from one place to another and this is possible due to the wheels present. The positioning of the arm support is perfect for the angles at which the chair can be bent. Its mirror finish gives it a shiny look. It’s made of steel and this ensures that it has a huge life span and will work for you over a long period of time.

vita hospital chair concept

vita lie flat hospital chair

vita ergonomic lie flat hospital chair

vita hospital chair

Designer : Jessica Owen

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8 thoughts on “Vita, Lie-flat Hospital Chair Concept

  1. I am interested in the cost and the weight limit involved. Also interested in the ease of moving from reclining to sitting.

    I have a friend that is limited and cannot lay flat. Needs something like this to sleep in and spend most of her time in.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you, Diane

  2. Hi, my name is Jessica Owen and Im the designer of the Vita Lie-flat hospital chair. This chair is actually only a concept model produced for my final year project however I would always be interested in moving forward with my designs, so if it ever comes on the market i'll be sure to let you know.

  3. First thanks for your idea.

    maybe good that see iswing and then +this idea .

    What we have?

    plz send to me if you drowing.


  4. I like the concept of your chair. I have a hospital bed at present but it is uncomfortable and hard. With your chair is it easy to raise and lower to get in and out is that electrically powered. Also is it easy to adjust as I have little mobility and live on my own. Please send me any info as I am in need of something like this. It is just that I would have to find it easy to use on my own.
    Thank you
    Pamela John email [email protected]

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