SpeakerCubeDock (SCD) : Portable Speaker Dock for Your iPhone/iPad

SpeakerCubeDock (SCD) is a small and compact device that delivers big sound from the music in your iPod or iPhone. At first, you probably just see a square clock where you can dock your iPod/iPhone on it, but a simple slide reveals the speakers. SCD is a portable speaker dock that uses long-lasting lithium-ion batteries to satisfy your need to enjoy your music for hours, you’ll be amazed with its unique vacuum bass design that provides surprising volume and bass quality.

SCD has been designed with 128GB storage capacity to allow you to download all your music, documents or photos and manage those files with a custom app. In this way, you don’t always have to dock your iPhone/iPod to play the music, in fact you can control this speaker from your other gadgets thanks to its Bluetooth and Wifi technology.

Designer : Eliel Cabrera

SpeakerCubeDock by Eliel Cabrera

SpeakerCubeDock by Eliel Cabrera

The both sides of SpeakerCubeDock are touch sensitive, its sensor identifies your gestures to control several functions such as raise or lower the volume, rewind, play, pause, change songs, etch. Pretty cool isn’t it? It seems that the industrial designer has figured out some gestures for quick access to several functions. For example if you slide your finger on one side upwards or downwards, you will raise or lower the volume while do this on both sides will make you do a quick sweep of the song. Tap twice on the right side will advance a song while tap twice on the left side will recede a song. One tap on both surfaces at once will pause the song, then resume the song just tap the right side once. To completely stop the music, just keep your fingers on both sides for few seconds.

SpeakerCubeDock by Eliel Cabrera

SpeakerCubeDock by Eliel Cabrera

Aside from being a portable music player, SCD also functions as an alarm clock. The custom app allows you to program any music to wake you up. Simply slide your finger on the surface to read the time.

SpeakerCubeDock can also be used to recharge your iPhone/iPod, it offers ultra-fast charging up to 4 times better compared to traditional 500mAh batteries. To recharge this device, simply plug the USB cable to your computer. Measured 90x90x90mm when folded and 129x90x90mm when extended, SpeakerCubeDock is your iPhone/iPod dock, portable speaker, an alarm clock as well as portable hard drive.

SpeakerCubeDock by Eliel Cabrera

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