Modular Dining Table by Anoop Joseph

At first sight, this furniture looks like a blue apple. This modular dining table is the perfect dining table to furnish a small dining room. You can pull the chair and the food rack when needed, the unique rotating top portion design provides you and your family or guests easy access to the dishes from one side to another. On the center area, you probably want to place some fruits for dessert. Pretty cool isn’t it? except that I probably won’t choose blue and silver finish, I prefer contemporary colors to blend it with my modern interior décor.

Designer : Anoop Joseph

Modular Dining Table by Anoop Joseph

Modular Dining Table by Anoop Joseph

Modular Dining Table by Anoop Joseph

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2 thoughts on “Modular Dining Table by Anoop Joseph

  1. Hi
    I want to buy apple shape dining table so please let me know from where I can buy this and price of this.
    Thanks in advance

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