My Rups Folding Shower Concept for Limited Bathroom Space

My Rups folding shower concept could do wonder for limited bathroom space. It’s a folding shower fabricated in impermeable fabric where you can retract or open to have a nice shower and fold to store when not in use. The design looks like a giant caterpillar that wraps your body with the aluminum structure frames that help support the fabric. The base is a 3-mm thick neoprene plate, in this way, this shower totally encloses you to keep your bathroom floor dry and clean.

Designer : Horacio M. Pace Bedetti

My Rups Folding Shower

My Rups Folding Shower

My Rups Folding Shower

My Rups Folding Shower

My Rups Folding Shower

My Rups Folding Shower

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28 thoughts on “My Rups Folding Shower Concept for Limited Bathroom Space

  1. This is a good design. I could see it as an outdoor shower, also. For that purpose, it would probably work better if it was hung on the wall and covered the bather from head to foot instead of rising from the floor. Great idea.

  2. Thank you all, this product was awarded in a product design contest. At today, I´m looking a company for manufacture it, but no company has wanted to make. So is not available to purchase. Thank you for your words!!

    • If you created the product, the problem that I see is that you cannot use it, because it has no design for getting rid of the wash water. You could use either a rechargeable water pump or small electric water pump to throw the wash water either down the sink or better yet, down the toilet. Just have a hose that can be securely tied to the toilet, and then have the gray wash water go into it. That would be a solution. and likewise you do not show where you are getting the shower water from. You may have to make a secure attachment to the water faucet in the sink. Something that can be securely tied and locked in place to prevent water squirting out. Once you have the water temperature, you just open the spigot in the shower. Likewise you need to shut it inside the shower, The faucet water hose from the sink faucet MUST BE STRONG ENOUGH to prevent water from spraying out when you open and close the shower faucet. Do that and you may have a gameplan. But showing this is in reality a pie in the sky idea.

  3. I would love to purchase this also. My shower in my studio suite allows water all over the place. It would be nice if it could fit inside so I could control the spray.

  4. Awesome design! But how can you put the shower into the "cocoon" without water leaking out? As the first picture shows, there must be a tube linking the shower to a water heater or something. So there must be a hole for the tube I guess. How can you seal up that hole when you are having a shower?

  5. This looks great! can you attach a hose to the sink for water source? and then drain it into a sink which would be elevated from the floor?

  6. fDo you know what id like to see incorporated in this design is a deeper foot well to capture the water and a pump to allow the shower to either re-use the water again of be available to drain it into a nearby sink, wc or even a container. This would elevate thru need for a drain to be fitted making it more useable in confined spaces and better sealed against the wall. Also recycles the water. For those that wish to use it outside…,,, a removable panel to allow the water to drain straight to the ground but keep the user out of the dirt.

  7. if you are still inspired and ready to proceed, AND retain all proprietary rights and design patents, I will connect you with the right manufacturer so everyone is happy. Call or text me at 760 877 0084

  8. Great idea! As a trucker, i could definantly use this in my small space along with a hanging water source i purchased from a camping store. This would be a great item in camping and travel stores. Where can i find it?

  9. Can I make a suggestion? You could make it that it would have the option to be used as a small soaker tub like a Japanese soaker tub when the walls are raised part way up.. Good luck!

  10. I hope this finds a manufacturer, there is nothing like this online and its perfect for a small camper.

    I would easily pay 100-200 for this.

  11. Hi! I would like to know if it’s available for purchase yet, what are the dimensions, the cost and where can we buy this!? I live in Spain.

    Great idea!


  12. My Rups Folding Shower Concept for Limited Bathroom Space
    Is this product available to purchase? And if s, where??

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