Future Apple Wearable Video Screens ?

Apple is coming up something amazing that can change your look and style. One of the tech researchers has done a research on Apple future design book and found that Apple will be soon developing wearable video screens. As per researchers, Apple along with Sony is investigating to design screen that can be worn inside glasses. The remarkable success of Apple with previous products has once again created an excitement among tech lovers. This product will provide features in full see-through mode and video viewing. This next generation personal sunglasses with navigation and video facility will surely revolutionize gadget world, I guess that’s what Apple does.

apple video glasses

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8 thoughts on “Future Apple Wearable Video Screens ?

  1. im interested in buy these glasses today . so my qwestion is will i be able to buy these from over the internet ? an if not then when will they be open to the public ?

  2. Video screens in glasses… Apple once again “inventing” things that are many years old. I suppose next they’ll be suing people from over a decade ago for stealing their idea.

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