Futuristic Oryx Bike

Designed by a guy called Harald Cramer, it’s a custom-made time-trial cycle with all sorts of weird and wonderful innovations. The Y-frame shape means that the Oryx is shock-proof and keeps you in contact with the road at all time, and there is a one-sided fork and chain-stay. In time trial races, like the Contre la Montre at the Tour de France, every second counts, that?s why Oryx possesses an identical pair of wheels which can be removed by the push of a button.

oryx bike

futuristic oryx bike

Made of carbon composite, the handlebars, stem and fork are all one piece, with the ergonomic seat post and saddle integrated into the frame. Handlebars connect to frame via a pivot, and the seat even has a hole in it to keep you cool while you work the pedals.

future oryx bike

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8 thoughts on “Futuristic Oryx Bike

  1. i agree with neece i would buy the bike but put one of those cushion seats on it making it really

    un- aerodynamic. i love the pedal design everythi ng is integrated…

  2. I think this bicycle a not comfort. But would make attempt with pleasure 🙂 And this futurism design is very liked. I will add this article on FuturismNews and more other articles on this sites. Thanks. Good job.

  3. geez man that would kill if i had to ride to work in that but i do like the bike when is it coming to Australia

  4. Send me one so I can blast past the competition

    in Hawaii. Please send me info on price and availability.Thanks,!Ringold Aarts

    U. H. Marine center Kilo Moana

    #1 sand Island Access Road

    Honolulu Hawaii 96819

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