Nice To Download You !

The concept of this ring comes from how you manage to save all informations about the person that you just met. Wearing this ring, when people first meet and shake hands, the rings on the fingers get close enough to operate and begin to download all basic information about the ring owner. This ring works on both side, so they exchange basic informations, the more people you meet, the more informations are saved in your ring. This ring was designed by Hideaki Matsui, hopefully we can see the ring in the future.

information ring hand shake

When you need to retrieve the information, the ring card can help you browse the information that was stored in the ring, and you don’t have to worry about the power source, it is provided by human temperature, no need any plug.

futuristic information ring

information ring


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8 thoughts on “Nice To Download You !

  1. OMG – whats next a DNA sampler to tell if your kids to be will be normal?

    Remember the data stored "could" be incorrect leading to deception

  2. you're right twiddles, I think this technology could lead into misused if we don't careful enough with the information provided

  3. i think its a good idea for business oriented individuals.

    wasn't ibm working on using the body's natural electrical fields to transmit up to like 10mb of data or something..

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