Ubicycle – Public Bicycle Service System

With increasing vehicular traffic on the road and resulting pollution each passing day, more and more emphasis is being given in finding alternate means of transportation. Obviously green fuel and the vehicles running on the same is quite a craze, but the same is in conceptual stage it would be a while before the same will be in mass production. But what about the good old bicycle? With the advent of cars and other motor vehicles it somehow went into oblivion. But not anymore. With Ubicycle-Public Service, an initiative which seems to bring the bicycle back in fashion.

There are many advantages that can be said about the usage of bicycles. It is environment friendly, no pollution, and the best part is that it is health friendly as well. The main goal of Ubicycle-public bicycle service is encouraging people to use bicycles as an alternative means to commute, thus providing easy-to-access public bicycles to and from transit or nearby home, school, and workplace.

ubicycle public bicycle service system

ubicycle future public bicycle service system

The Ubicycle service provides Easy access a Key card- Charged or credited key cards which are not only used for bicycle service but also public transportation. An Installed Smart chip identifies the user and allows unlocking of the rack and bicycle. It occupies lesser space as a modular rack unit allows parking 14 bicycles within one car parking space. Self-solar power help running the unmanned secured bicycle service system. Also its unique shape and green color is useful for easy recognition and theft deterrent. There is a built in locking device and adjustable seat height which kind of completes the ease of maintaining one. So go ahead and start Ubicycling

ubicycle public bicycle service system concept

ubicycle futuristic public bicycle service system

Designer : Continuum

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