Easy Control Wearable Remote – Control Your Smartphone from Your Arm

To some people, cells’ buttons can be too small to access. Easy Control Wearable Remote is a small little device that would make your life easier, especially when you are always have busy hands on-the-go. It’s a small remote with oversized buttons, wearing gloves won’t be a problem in controlling or accessing your smartphone. Connecting through Bluetooth technology, it is possible to use this wearable remote to get access to your phone, it can become an essential, little device for outdoor enthusiasts.

Easy Control Wearable Remote

This remote was originally designed for snowboarders, they wear bulky gloves that make it impossible to access their phones. This remote can be worn on the arm while your smartphone stays in your pocket during skiing, cooking, cycling, running, or busy with other activities. It’s easy to adjust music’s volume, activate virtual assistants, answer calls, or even take selfies. Those large, easy-to-press buttons are easy to access, especially for those cyclists or riders who need to keep their eyes up and focus on the road ahead. Powered by one CR-2032 battery that should last around 4 to 5 months. Easy Control Wearable Remote is waterproof device and compatible with all headphones, including Bluetooth speakers. [Buy It Here]

Easy Control Wearable Remote

Easy Control Wearable Remote

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