Crossbow Motorcycle : An Electric Motorcycle with A Canopy Cover by Phil Pauley

Crossbow motorcycle, an all electric motorcycle that doesn’t require its rider to wear a helmet. Yes, no helmet, no itchy hair. This is an extreme all weather electric motorbike that features a canopy cover like a shield to protect its rider from any danger, it offers the next level of safety for motorcyclists. This automatic canopy has been beautifully designed based on the riding position, in this way, the rider’s legs are still free to maintain stability and have full control at low speeds, and at the same time, maximizing aerodynamics for high speed engagement.

The sporty look of Crossbow motorcycle makes it perfect for the racetrack or country roads or even cruising the urban city areas. The canopy also comes with a windscreen wiper for better riding vision in rainy days.

Designer : Phil Pauley

Crossbow Motorcycle by Phil Pauley

Crossbow Motorcycle by Phil Pauley

Crossbow Motorcycle by Phil Pauley

Crossbow Motorcycle by Phil Pauley

Crossbow Motorcycle by Phil Pauley

Crossbow Motorcycle by Phil Pauley

Crossbow Motorcycle by Phil Pauley

Crossbow Motorcycle by Phil Pauley

Tuvie has received “Crossbow Motorcycle” from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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20 thoughts on “Crossbow Motorcycle : An Electric Motorcycle with A Canopy Cover by Phil Pauley

  1. Looks like a perfect design and labor. The wiper could be installed at the topside or one side; it should stay out of view when not needed; unless any intention considered.

  2. I understand the base of this project is to not have a need for a helmet, but thinking safety wise, a helmet would still be needed, If you were to use a strong type of "Glass" as the cover it could save many lives by containing the rider during a crash where they would be flung around like a rag doll. But, on the other hand, locking the rider in a confined are could cause many problems. First being (due to the space displayed from the pictures) it is lacking space so when the rider were to come to a stop, it would become very uncomfortable or near impossible to keep stable. And the space for a passenger looks very limited and would make the ride very unpleasant and something to be avoided. To fix this, the cover area would need to be larger, where at the point you might as well just get a smart car.

    This is a great idea, it just needs development and a little more thought. I would love to see this planned out a bit more, it could be that project that will make you rich one day!

    -Doc O'Malley

  3. Stability definitely seems like it would be a major problem, especially with a sports bike type vehicle. These are very top heavy and with a canopy on top this problem would be made even more prevalent. There would need to be research done to see if the added weight would effect the vehicle on turns. The extreme lean that these bikes are expected to perform could be thrown off easily.

  4. The first thing that comes to mind is when you lean your elbows go outward in the direction of the lean, this is impeded by the canopy. Second the sitting position on this would be insanely uncomfortable and is more suited for a salt flat racer trying to set land speed records. What happens when you stop? You stay crouched over and cant sit up at all? I've been riding for over 20 years, year round through rain, snow and everything in between and this just does not appeal to me at all for a lot of reasons. Design wise, its beautiful, but as a functioning motorcycle I just cant see this working or being attractive to anyone but leisure riders and those types wont go for such an awkward seating position anyhow.

    Its a neat idea, but no.

  5. What happens when you go down, alot of times it is safer to get away from the bike rather stay on it.
    It is beautiful but also highly dangerous!

    • waAww…. SO wonderfull… !! I like crossbow….. that modern of motorcycle… But Phill… remember …. there a lot of Asian women need it… in the bottom of their Imagine… they need the smaller one…. Please design as soon as posible….Sure…. It must BLOW UP

  6. This article is misleading, as it’s title states “Crossbow Motorcycle”. But it isn’t a Crossbow “Motorcycle”. it’s simply a Crossbow “CANOPY”. Designed by Phil Pauley, the CANOPY is a beautiful and romantic concept, but the motorcycle base used is in actual fact a Suzuki "NUDA". I have images of this motorcycle on my PC that pre-date 2009. As a “concept” you can say it has a “electric motor”, but you could say the same thing about an Ion-drive.. it’s always good in concept.. but it’s only a concept typed in words. At the end of the day, this article should be about the CANOPY which is Crossbow design. The motorcycle and whatever engine utilized is still intellectual property of Suzuki.
    This article has also failed to offer due credit to Suzuki for the actual motorcycle used in this concept. Please google "Suzuki NUDA". The canopy is a good idea, but you need to give due credit when using other large corporations already existent designs. This article hasn’t been written clearly, as it implies that the whole motorcycle in it’s entirety is made by Crossbow, and that isn’t cool. It needs to be clear that the design is for a CROSSBOW CANOPY that can be retro-fitted to various motorcycle designs.

  7. It seems that it would be better to have one that you could detatch and use only in the rain also make it universal and just sell the design for all motorcycles opposed to one and mabey also make it adjustable but still stylish seems it would sell better

  8. Beautiful and very much needed more especially on rainy weather,I think I would be one of your potential customers please speed up the finalising of this great idea

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