Purify Water Tent by Liu Zhuang Provides A Temporary Shelter and Water Purification Device

The lack of water resources is becoming more and more serious particularly in Africa’s dry areas. Purify Water Tent is both temporary shelter as well as water purification device that takes advantage of the sun’s heat to purify water through evaporation and condensation. Fetching water takes a lot of effort and time, also due to the lack water purification system, these people are exposed to dirt, bacteria or any other toxic substances.

Purify Water Tent concept tries to solve this issue, user can pump up the water manually through the pipes which scale the sides of tent. There’s a storage cone at the top where the sun’s heat can help the purification process through evaporation. This purified water later then enters an outlet pipe for secondary purification process. Clean water can be accessed using a tap at the other side of tent.

Designer : Liu Zhuang

Purify Water Tent by Liu Zhuang

Purify Water Tent by Liu Zhuang

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