A.R.C : Amphibious Rescue Craft

When you look at the A.R.C you will surely get amused with its massiveness. It is the kind of rescue vehicle that can ply on whatever terrain you put it on and effortlessly. The Amphibious Rescue Craft (A.R.C) helps deliver aid in times of natural calamities like floods and cyclone affected areas. All the other vehicles might not be ply during these times but the impact resistant tires of the ARC enable it to reach places with ease. There is less friction and a great output. In such times when time is crucial to the number of lives saved the A.R.C can come to the rescue.

arc amphibious rescue craft

arc amphibious rescue craft

Adam explanations about A.R.C :

The ‘A.R.C’ (Amphibious Rescue Craft) is a rugged all terrain vehicle that can be used to deliver vital aid and supplies anywhere required including flooded areas which are inaccessible to most other vehicles. Variable height ground clearance combined with large wheels and all terrain tyres provide excellent off road capabilities, whilst a boat hull and retractable wheels enable the A.R.C to plane at high speeds across water with minimal friction and uncompromised performance.

arc amphibious rescue craft

The high output diesel engine powers the wheels when on land and the water jet propulsion system when waterborne which can deliver up to one tonne of thrust. Once landed at its destination, the A.R.C uses an on-board crane (known as a ‘Multilift’ system) to rapidly deploy a supply unit containing anything from medicine or food to a water purification system. The water filtration units can be deployed at the site of a mass flood and used to purify contaminated flood water, returning it to life-saving drinking water which is otherwise scarce in flooded third world environments.

arc amphibious rescue craft

Supply units can also be opened to form mobile shelters for distribution of supplies or temporary living quarters/command centres etc. An unfoldable canopy marked with an ID symbol and number (e.g. Red Cross, Supply Unit number etc.) provides shelter from the rain and can be easily identified by passing rescue helicopters. The name A.R.C not only stands for Amphibious Rescue Craft but also identifies with Noah’s Arc which was believed to have been used as rescue / refuge craft during a mass flood.

arc amphibious rescue craft

arc amphibious rescue craft

arc amphibious rescue craft

arc amphibious rescue craft

Designer : Adam Schacter

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    Intl Aid

    Transporter- 80 passengers?

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  2. hi, i have some Qs. would like to ask u..

    isn't the body of this amphibious vehicle is made of by fiber glass??

    if not, what is the material that used to build the body? and what is the advantages by using this material?

    thanks for reply.

  3. Im thinking something that can carry a mobile Comm Center, First Aid, APC builds, I see this as a very important machine that needs to be build.

  4. Excellent concept. If it can be built rugged enough for long service life. The module bed idea is great and unlimited.

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