Nica Bluetooth Headset Design by Maverick

Nica Bluetooth Headset is a latest creation by Maverick featuring excellent functionality along with exceptional and stunning outlook. This open air design incorporates a breakthrough in acoustics for maximum comfort and secure attachment aside from the classically modern look. Pure round shape of this headset will enhance your look and the thinner dimension will allow easy fit in your pocket. The inner soft pad will gently rest with maximum comfort against your ear, while providing ambient sounds for both ears. Instead of plugging in a cable, Nica will attach magnetically with the car dock and desk doc. The innovative charging options of the headset include the car doc that can be installed in the cigarette lighter jack of any car.

maverick bluetooth headset

maverick bluetooth headset

maverick bluetooth headset

Designer : Maverick

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4 thoughts on “Nica Bluetooth Headset Design by Maverick

  1. Total junk, poor reception and sound is low. The on off switch is loose and it does not stay connected to the iphone. Will return mine asap for a refund.

  2. like Joe Calio, I got one of these too and sent it back for the refund almost immediately…i must have gotten lucky with the timing though because they emailed me offering to replace it instead with a new "sunrise" unit

    they got this one right…it looks way better, sounds better and is definitely better made

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