Quadbot Robot Design by Norio Fujikawa

The industrial designer Norio Fujikawa has brought to you the concept of a super robot that can perform even in the extreme climate conditions, called Quadbot. With a self contained power source, this robot will be able to survive for several days in the harsh natural conditions. This useful robot will be helpful for various purposes ranging from rescuing passengers of a crashed aircraft to collect data for environmental scientific projects.

Pretty awesome robot design, huh? Norio says : “This Quadbot is just a personal project for fun”.

quadbot robot

quadbot robot

quadbot robot

quadbot robot

quadbot robot

Designer : Norio Fujikawa

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9 thoughts on “Quadbot Robot Design by Norio Fujikawa

  1. Unique robot but I urge this:

    Use in Anime Toon TV show

    Graphic Novel


    Add more featutres to robot

    Make "family"of robots?

    Use Sci Fic Channel to sell

    IFC Anime TV serials.

    Anime Conventions.

    Robotic Conventions.

    What can it do, what should it do.

    Can it Fly

    Submerge under the seas

    Sentry droid

    Rescue droid


    Define Uses for.

    Very Unique

    Use in next GODZILLA movie???

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