Philips Master LED Bulb

The Master LED bulb from Philips has the same form as an old-fashioned one, making it simple to use for the people and feel comfortable about using it. Even though the bulb draws 7 watts only, it gives off light equal to a 40 watt bulb and lasts around 45,000 hours which about 30x the length of a normal bulb. This Master LED bulb is available in Europe already and should reach the North American shores before July.

philips master led bulb

Designer : Philips via [Gizmodo and Core77]

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2 thoughts on “Philips Master LED Bulb

  1. If this costs as much as those faulty CFL bulbs it won't ever catch on, just like what happened to the CFL. Until they make a lightbulb that works the same and doesn't break open and cause a hazmat team to come to your house, eco bulbs are trash.

    LED's are much better IMO that CFL's, but seeing the price and the durability is the main thing I want to know.

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