Versa-Quatic Futuristic Car Concept Inspired by Marine Life

With the increasing competition in automated car concepts, Versa has come up with another great creation i.e. Versa-Quatic. It is a two-seater, battery powered and entertaining vehicle that has introduced a unique way of driving. This vehicle will offer more physically active and sensually enchanting driving experience with the help of complete body motion. User will be seating in a motorcycle-like position by utilizing upper and lower body in a sliding motion to turn, speed up and stop the vehicle. The front-in wheel electric engine and battery pack makes this concept totally energy efficient and eco-friendly.

versa aquatic car concept

versa aquatic car concept

versa aquatic car concept

versa aquatic car concept

Designer : Christopher Lavelanet

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2 thoughts on “Versa-Quatic Futuristic Car Concept Inspired by Marine Life

  1. You also have to take into consideration that some people do not like lying on their stomach, and females may encounter discomfort with their breasts.

  2. 2 Rent BIG Time Yes, need to train drivers to use.

    Cant do 2 hours min on stomach alone.

    Maybe redo Cockpit with std seating?

    Otherwise fine.

    Must rethink controls.

    Why ride this & get there "exhausted", one can do that on a bike alone.

    & then to deal with traffic enroute.

    Rethink Controls & Seating mode

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