“Symbiotic Villa” by Zaha Hadid Architects

Looking at this extravagant design, anyone would say “Dream Project” or “Futuristic Castle”. Zaha Hadid has designed a Symbiotic Villa for the Next-Gene 20 project in Taiwan. The project was launched in Venice during the architecture biennale. Each and every part of this architecture is amazingly designed to impress the audience. Whether you talk about the stunning windows designed to capture light or the perforated walls in different angles. Overall, it is a light based design with its unique identity and amazing approach. One can get a natural feeling and comfort while walking inside this structure.

symbiotic villa by zaha hadid

symbiotic villa by zaha hadid

symbiotic villa by zaha hadid

symbiotic villa by zaha hadid

Designer : Zaha Hadid Architects via Dezeen

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3 thoughts on ““Symbiotic Villa” by Zaha Hadid Architects

  1. Misleading name notwithstanding, it’s still a nice place to live. Just about the only downside would be the small fortune spent on either curtains or blinds. Those are some pretty big windows.

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