Midea Head Cook-Cooking Probe Concept with Interactive Screen

Different meal requires different way of cooking, in fact, every ingredient might require a different cooking temperature. Midea Head Cook Cooking Probe is a concept cooking tool that wants to simplify the process. It’s like having a cooking assistant, simply connect it with a common meat ingredient and in just one click, you can remotely monitor the doneness of the meat to achieve your desired taste.

Midea Head Cook-Cooking Probe Concept

When you use traditional food temperature monitoring tool, it’s usually constrained by certain scenarios and can’t be operated as your wishes. Head Cook Cooking Probe Concept is wireless and can be remotely controlled for both indoor and outdoor cooking scenarios. It comes with interactive screen that displays a variety of food temperature control parameters, they are also easy to understand. Preset the menu to define your cooking result based on your need, then start the temperature control in just a single click.

Midea Head Cook-Cooking Probe Concept

Midea Head Cook-Cooking Probe Concept

Design Lead: Zhao Yidan
Design Team: Cui Hengxin, Gao Hui, Guan Jianming, Hou Bangbin, Li Cong, Luo Junyang, Peng Shufang, Wang Ming, and Zhou Dan

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