Bike Racks Design by Adeline Thong

With rising gas pricing, people are downsizing their cars and vehicles. Bike racks are becoming more and more popular and necessary. Check out this new unique and gorgeous design bike rack. It is quite different from usual bike racks. It allows maximum 10 bikes to be parked but unluckily it does not allow the biker to lock their bikes properly. Every bike has two locks; one is on the front tire and other one rear tire through bike’s frame. This bike rack can also be used as seat or as a hiding place, if not used for parking bikes.

elevacion bicycle rack

elevacion bicycle rack

Designer : Adeline Thong

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4 thoughts on “Bike Racks Design by Adeline Thong

  1. What are the manufacture costs? When all bicycles are parked where is the space to trow a chainlock around this parking device? Also the parking area is quit spacious so for a park it’s suited but for a citycenter it is not.

  2. If you cannot lock the frame to the rack, someone can easily steal the bike by simply removing the front wheel. This is a terrible idea.

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