Swingo Walking Aid : Hands-Free Walking Aid for A Temporary Leg-Injured User

Swingo walking aid is an innovative hands-free walking aid for a temporary leg-injured user. I love sports, however, these activities can accidentally damage my leg such as sprains and strains, dislocations, or fractures. Trust me, leg pain affects your daily routine as you need to walk everywhere, but this concept walking aid enables you to conveniently engage in your daily activities despite your injury. It can help with various injuries ranging from minor injuries like sprain and ankle to the severe ones. Aside from assisting user to walk, this tool has also been designed to help boost its user self-esteem since he or she can walk more steadily.

Designer : Yonathan Halim

Swingo Walking Aid by Yonathan Halim

Swingo Walking Aid by Yonathan Halim

Swingo walking aid features curved base design that helps user to move smoothly resulting in normal speed of walking movement and straighten walking posture. It is equipped with shock absorbers to smooth out or damp shock impulse which could damage your leg further, therefore speed up the recovery process. This walking aid is a universal tool that fits everyone, users can easily adjust the size and height according to their needs. In addition to its flexibility, the bend angle of the leg platform is also adjustable.

The part below user’s knee is rotatable to allow user sits in a constrained place without having to take off this walking aid. This device has been designed to use only light and sustainable materials, most of the parts are replaceable such as back guards, cushion pads, fastening straps and shock absorbers. User can fold Swingo walking aid when not in use to save some space.

Swingo Walking Aid by Yonathan Halim

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Swingo Walking Aid by Yonathan Halim

Swingo Walking Aid by Yonathan Halim

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Brokentda says: October 16, 2015

Can I buy a swingo? Where? How much?

Jessica hodge says: August 5, 2016

I am from the UK where can I get this and how much

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