Honda Walking Assist Device for The Elderly and Other People with Weakened Leg Muscles

Still remember about Honda robotic walking rehab? At that time, we didn’t have much detail information, but now Honda has made official statement regarding this robotic walking assist device. It’s great that Honda tries to extend its areas from cars and motorcycles, but so far we don’t jump in joy for their ASIMO Robot. But this…a robotic assist device for disabled individuals, now you’re talking…

Available in three sizes, the device uses brushless DC motors powered by lithium ion batteries that allow up to two hours of walking assistance per charge. Honda’s Fundamental Technology Research Center will be showcasing the device at the International Trade Fair on Barrier Free Equipments & Rehabilitation for the Elderly & the Disabled, which will be held at Intex Osaka, Friday, April 25 through Sunday, April 27, 2008.

Honda walking assist device is much more compact than similar device such as : rewalk exoskeleton. If this device is working perfectly, not just us, there are going to be a lot of people jump in joy for Honda’s breakthrough.

honda walking assist device

honda robotic walking rehab assist device

From the website :
Honda began research of a walking assist device in 1999 with a goal to provide more people with the joy of mobility. Currently, the device has entered into the feasibility stage.

The cooperative control technology utilized for this device is a unique Honda innovation achieved through the cumulative study of human walking just as the research and development of technologies was conducted for Honda’s advanced humanoid robot, ASIMO. Applying cooperative control based on the information obtained from hip angle sensors, the motors provide optimal assistance based on a command from the control CPU. With this assist, the user’s stride will be lengthened compared to the user’s normal stride without the device and therefore the ease of walking is achieved.

The compact design of the device was achieved with flat brushless motors and a control system developed by Honda. In addition, a simple design to be worn with a belt around the hip and thigh was employed to help achieve overall weight as light as approximately 2.8kg. As a result, the device reduces the user’s load and can be fit to different body shapes.

Note : This device is designed for people who are still capable of walking on their own.

honda robotic walking assist device

honda robotic walking assist device

Designer : Honda via AutoBlog

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97 thoughts on “Honda Walking Assist Device for The Elderly and Other People with Weakened Leg Muscles

  1. Please please please I need thos for my 13 year old who suffers from Charcot Marie Tooth disease and has trouble walking….it takes all he has to make it through 1 day of school. #desperatemomma

  2. Hi Honda my husband has pelvic limb girdle problem he can walk but getting up from floor and climbing stairs he needs assistance .he product looks useful for him. How to buy this product in india what is the cost.plz reply me as early as possible.

  3. I would like to know about your walking devices for my Handicap Sister Age 52

    Pl send me your contact details and list of products

    Waiting for your positive response per return

    Krishna Agarwal

    Cell No +91 9769184082

    +91 9869115391

    WeChat I’d : krishna_agarwal

  4. Hi, I live in Turkey and my brother has cerebral palcy. How could I get any information ( price, availibility etc)? Is it suitable for his condition?

    My phone number +905071007557

    • Hello again,

      My name is Afşin and I have a 15 year-old brother with cerebral palsy (spastic diplegia). He was born with 650 g weight at his 6. months. He has undergone muscle relaxation (SPML, I guess) 3 times for both his legs (achilles tendon, rear calf, crocth and above hipbone for both sides). Before all the surgeries, he had had botox operation. His last surgery was nearly 6 years ago. During these times, he has gone physical therapies frequently.

      If necessary, I can send some photos and videos of him via whatsapp.

  5. Hi my name is Mandy

    I suffer from multiple sclerosis

    I have dad it for 22 years

    I use arm crutches to help me walk

    I am interested in purchasing the active assist device

    Please let me know the cost for this product

    I live in TO, Canada

    Please contact me

  6. I have Progressive Muscular Atrophy, can walk with cane. Am exited about the possibility of renewed mobility. Please contact me when available in the USA and the cost of the device. Thank you

  7. Please send purchase information. I was mis diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. My legs will freeze up between my ankles and my knees. It has gotten progressively worse. My knees Will not bend when I try to walk. Please please help I am bedridden due to pinched nerves in tailbone area. Also have Morton’s neuroma. I live in USA.

  8. My name is Aldrin. I am suffering from neuropathy and cannot either balance or walk. I am interested in one your devices that will assist me in my daily physical mobility. I want to see myself walking again and in dependant to do all by myself. Please indicate the price as well.

  9. I shave MS. This device should be perfect for my walking problem. My hips are weak and I cannot walk more than ~100 yds due fatiguability. I would like to buy this device ASAP. Thanks

  10. I need this device for my sister who is suffering from limb girdle muscular dystrophy and has weak muscles in pelvic girdle.

  11. As of August 2021 Is Honda Walk Assist device available in the United States for purchase or rental outside of Japan. What’s the cost to purchase for use in the US ? Please provide contact information and phone # where to purchase. *


    Louis Isgur



  12. Hi my son is 42years old he he has MS. it is now getting difficult for him to walk . We live in London UK. Would you be kind enough to send me the complete information about the machine. Is it suitable for MS patience and what is the cost of it.

    Many thanks


    Raja Habib

  13. I am an Indian.My name is Abdul Azeem living in Dubai for the last 46 years. I had my spine operation in Appolo Hospital in Chennai… but still I can’t walk more than 5 minutes without severe pain. I need this device very badly. Please let me know the price and availability in Dubai.

  14. Dear delopers, my sister is handicapped. She cannot walk by herself. I need more information about Honda walking assistant. Price, way to deliver to lebanon..

  15. I am ready to accept all conditions can you connect with whatsapp so easly send & receive thoughts. May be written but in this I am surrender to you with fulfil your all conditions as you desire.

  16. lease tell me if this device is available for purchase , for the public . I desperately need this to walk . I use a four way walker , I would like to walk without it .

  17. my father diabetic patient, now carry out dialysis due to kidney failure.. all come together now he have some walking this device is available in india. if available please let me know. Also please mention the price of the device

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