SÜZ-GEÇ Indispensable Kitchen Appliance

SÜZ-GEÇ has put an end to the problems caused due to the traditional funnel used as an indispensible kitchen appliance. Formed by the habitué funnel cut into 2 pieces vertically, the only difference between the 2 funnels is that one does the same work as that of a regular funnel, while the other features a surface having petite holes in order to perform filtration. The use of this surface is primarily to lessen the number of steps involved during the process by allowing the liquid to be separated from the little particles. The silicon pieces present around the hatchways of the half funnels makes the opening a complete piece when put together. It fits well into the mouth of the bottles, regardless of it being made of 2 conical parts. Furthermore, the need to hold the funnel plus the bottle is completely eliminated when the user tries to pour the water into the volume. Existing over the silicon part are the blanks, taking the shape of straps. These blanks helps block the formation of air bubbles when pouring the liquid. SÜZ-GEÇ can either be stored side-by-side or upside down in its own package.

Designers : Dr. Hakan Gürsu and Designnobis Team

Suz Gec Indispensable Kitchen Appliance

Suz Gec Indispensable Kitchen Appliance

Suz Gec Indispensable Kitchen Appliance

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gamze says: May 29, 2011

süzgeç yazısını gördüğümde yanlış gördüğümü zannettim fakat dikkatli baktığımda gerçekten çok mutlu oldum.çok az sayıda türk tasarımcı görmekten şikayet ediyordum, aradabir böyle şeyler görmek ve de Türk isimli bi tasarım görmek çok hoş.Elinize sağlık güzel bir çalışma olmuş…

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