Stylish Nokia E97 Envelope Concept Cell Phone

Nokia E97 is a concept design by Fabien Nauroy, shows an incredible thought and a stylish phone. This concept phone has a complete keyboard in an AZERTY layout and there is a small LCD display above the keyboard. This envelop like design aims to set a limit between professional and personal life. The included leather case contains a second pocket to hold an additional screen. The parcel post like packaging of this phone has made it even more attractive and the best part of this concept phone is the futuristic pull-out LED display that can be used as a storage device and can create and share files or pictures.

nokia E97 envelope concept

nokia E97 envelope concept

nokia E97 envelope concept

nokia E97 envelope concept

nokia E97 envelope concept

Designer : Fabien Nauroy

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Pooja says: June 25, 2012

this phone has awe-sum,

Albiny says: August 21, 2012

THIS IS BY THE THE SMEXIEST PHONE EVERRRRRRRRR -drools- *_______* i want… they gotta build it, even as a limited edition >_________< they HAVE TO D:

Blah says: August 21, 2012

omgah so many ppl would but this… nokia could make a fortune >__< MAKE IT ALREADY D: DDDD: DDDDD:

tssssssk says: August 21, 2012

f**** nokia and their awesome concepts D: cause their concepts are awesome but they never acttually realise them !!!!!

strymon colaco says: December 4, 2012

his is fake guys
there is no phone in nokia strs at e97

topher blaze says: February 25, 2013

please i will die if i don't get this phone were can i purchase it? somebody talk to me please

    Tuvie says: February 25, 2013

    You can't, because it's only concept

sadaf says: April 5, 2013

really it is a set or only a concept????…whatso ever it is…simply awesome….

wania says: February 15, 2014

i want to sell this mobile!

    samson dias says: April 28, 2014

    how much are selling it for..

    samson dias says: April 28, 2014

    plz let me know

    prince says: November 17, 2014

    i want this phone plz contect me 9468347583

Dev says: November 12, 2014

I want this phone…

Panjabrao Jharbade says: June 2, 2015

Hi, Sir How To parches this Mobile. My Resident is betul District in Madhya Pradesh 460001

shohag says: August 15, 2015

let me know thé phone price n contract with me this number:+8801748816091..

Mohamed Ryiad says: October 17, 2015

I want this phone … Please contact with me..


Morris says: November 30, 2015

i need to know the price of these Nokia E97 envelop and which store will have it for sell in USA

Donka says: April 5, 2016

Hi can I have some more info old I will like to K of from were I can bay it

Efe olunwa says: August 11, 2016

Am a phone Engineer I like the phone I want to call it Nokia revival

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