Stylish Nokia E97 Envelope Concept Cell Phone

Nokia E97 is a concept design by Fabien Nauroy, shows an incredible thought and a stylish phone. This concept phone has a complete keyboard in an AZERTY layout and there is a small LCD display above the keyboard. This envelop like design aims to set a limit between professional and personal life. The included leather case contains a second pocket to hold an additional screen. The parcel post like packaging of this phone has made it even more attractive and the best part of this concept phone is the futuristic pull-out LED display that can be used as a storage device and can create and share files or pictures.

nokia E97 envelope concept

nokia E97 envelope concept

nokia E97 envelope concept

nokia E97 envelope concept

nokia E97 envelope concept

Designer : Fabien Nauroy

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131 thoughts on “Stylish Nokia E97 Envelope Concept Cell Phone

  1. We are planning to buy this mobile, could you pls inform weather it has been launched in the Middle East and what is the price.

    Your prompt reply will be appreiated.



  2. how much is the current price of nokia e97 in nigeria curreny…..pls rply asap…cos i do wana get one…….thanks

  3. This envelope phone is really great…
    i have mostly used all nokia series n sony errisson high modelled cell phones…
    but this is the best phone i have ever seen..
    do inform us when it is launched in India…
    i have a gud crush on phones n i change it in every 6 months..
    surely inform us…

  4. its a brilliant phone i have ever seen…
    no words for this phone…
    envelope phone really looks like an envelope…
    surely inform its rate..

  5. Hello,

    I just visited this site and i really like that cell phone and now i just wanna know about price of that phone is Nokia E97. Please give me

    reply as soon as possible.

  6. So cool phone.. I wanna know more about this set.. can anybody tell me from which country It is available and how much it cost !!! Is it available in India.

  7. the phone Nokia E97 envolop is nice looking and can be used for professional and personal. How to but this phone, please let me know.

  8. Wow very nice, i like this phone , i want to buy this phone , plz. send the approx cost of E97 Envelope in indian price

  9. This may be a very gud mobile from hardware specification but as we all know software of nokia suck we have to see how the software of this mobile be . there is not even a single success smart phone from nokia till today

  10. Please I want to know if this phone as gotten to nigeria and the price for it,please I need to know because I need to start planning to get the phone

  11. wat a cool phone plez i want this cell as soon as possible plez send me its specifications and price so that i can bye it ………………..

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