PC Tower “Level 10” Concept as Hardcore Gaming Computer

BMW Group Designworks USA introduces the PC tower architecture concept by their latest gaming computer. The PC tower concept “Level 10” is a combination of functionalizing and philosophizing beyond the eye-catching factor just like most of the other Designworks project. The design team was inspired for this approach from the computer industry and has made this machine with futuristic game components, virtual townscapes and expressiveness. Each world-class component featured by this design is enclosed with its own shielding case, rendering it as an integral element of the design and guaranteeing transportability and interchangeability. Moreover, the concept contains the best possible cooling mechanism which is also very important for the hardcore gaming machines.

pc tower concept

pc tower concept

Designer : Designworks USA

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5 thoughts on “PC Tower “Level 10” Concept as Hardcore Gaming Computer

  1. Looks sweet! I agree that it might be hard to upgrade the parts, but what i want to know is how much one would cost?

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