Easy Pill Medical System for Elderly People

During the twilight years of one’s life, it becomes more and more difficult, and yet equally imperative, to protect one’s dignity. A gradual loss of memory and motor skills in the elderly makes them increasingly dependent on their care-givers. This creates a sense of helplessness and hopelessness in them, which negatively affects their physical, mental and emotional health. EasyPill is an innovative medical system, which integrates a pill organizer- “Pillpad”- with the medical data ba...
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Ekso Bionic Suit Helps People with Lower Extreme Paralysis to Stand and Walk

Robotic exoskeletons have been designed to enhance human strength, endurance, and mobility. We’ve seen many great designs such as ReWalk or Honda Walking Assist Device, now, Ekso Bionic Suit is another project that helps people with paralysis to stand up and walk over ground. We really appreciate companies that try to make a difference in people’s live in magical way, even though so far it can only be used in supervised medical environment, we cross our fingers and hope that someday it can b...
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Electro-Acupressure Smart Series by Acufirst

SMART series are not just ordinary gadget, it combines technology of Electro-Acupressure and smart control functions in slim and stylish designed watch style. Each model represents different treatment, currently there are 7 versions that you can choose from: weight control, nicotine addiction, stress & anxiety, impotence & frigidity, insomnia, motion sickness, and memory stimulation. You can monitor your progress as the DCC (Daily Counter Control) and the TCC (Total Counter Control) syst...
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R.C.S. Snowmobile Concept for Immediate Medical Rescue Action

Various kinds of accidents occur in ski resorts. However, people who either get injured lightly or critically due to ski resort accidents are not given appropriate medical care while being transferred to a safe medical care center. Moreover, they are transferred on top of cold ice. The golden hour of patients and others who get injured in ski resorts is decreasing on the palms of rescue workers who drive them to safety. Within such a situation, the R.C.S. Snowmobile focuses on the patients ab...
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Helivehicle Emergency Helicopter by Jung Hyun Min

Helivehicle Emergency Helicopter has been designed to help patients to receive emergency medical service immediately. Based on many recent studies, many city fails to save lives during serious emergency cases such as stroke, heart failure, or gastrointestinal bleeding, and many more. We believe, in the future, all-weather STOL PAVs would be our emergency transportation system, it transports patients to their destination at the speed of 3-4 times faster than airlines or cars. This project aims...
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Eye Free by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

As technology progresses, consumers are coming into contact more and more with digital rather than analog products. However, digital products, such as computers and TVs, have a negative influence on such medical eye conditions as amblyopia. The purpose of Eye Free is simple: it is a digital lens designed to help people with vision problems to look at a digital screen without needing their glasses. Normally, they would have to wear their glasses when watching digital screens like computers and...
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Pill Clip : Little Medicine Container with Alarm for Elderly People

Pill Clip has been designed especially for elderly people who need to take their pills regularly. It’s a medicine container with an alarm because people easily forget taking their pills in exact time so that they would lose a chance to have them even if they strongly need. Moreover, they also can take excessive pills than prescription. This could cause a fatal effect on their health. Pill Clip can be the solution for this kind of case. User can set the time to take pills. When the time arri...
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Child ViSion Glasses Feature Self-Adjustable Lens

We can save a lot of money with Child ViSion Glasses design, the glasses feature self adjustable lens so that you can have a clear vision as your eyesight changes. These glasses are designed for children, but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them, especially those who are live in the area without access to an optician. Students who don’t see clearly might have to sacrifice their education performance, this issue rises in developing countries where there are not eye professionals to provide a...
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Home First Aid Kit to Address Our Real Needs in Domestic Environment

Gabriele Meldaikyte redesigned Home First Aid Kit to address our real needs in domestic environment. Many of us don’t have the qualification to administer first aid, and most often than not, we have to treat the wound ourselves and that will be a bit difficult when you need to open packaging, unscrewing caps, tearing some stuff when the wound is on one of your hands. Usually we might experience deep cuts, minor scratches, or burn injuries in kitchen while cooking, typical injuries that occur i...
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Frenz Infusion System : Backpacked Set of Infusion Pump for Kids

Frenz Infusion System incorporates infusion pump into a stylish bag to improve patient's experience under medical treatment. As part of the treatment, many patients need to be infused with liquid medicine, especially those who are under chemotherapy. This fact makes infusion pump becomes one of the most significant and familiar medical equipment in hospitals. However, although its functions are being improved, there is a lack in the design, which is meant more for adults than kids. As the result...
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Heart Aid : Emergency Response Unit for Household Use by Sahar Madanat Haddad

Sudden Cardiac Arrest or SCA kill many lives every year, mostly because proper medical response can’t be delivered in time. It inspires the concept Heart Aid, an emergency response unit for elderly people for household use. if you can perform CPR and defibrillation to the victim for the first 3-5 minutes of an attack, the rate of survival would be pretty high, unfortunately there are not many people understand how to perform that life-saving first aid. Designer: Sahar Madanat Haddad ...
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Ledmax Led Curing Light by Hakan Gürsu

LedMax LED Curing Light design features appealing aesthetics with exceptional performance. The ergonomic body is compact and the handle is comfortable to grip, it’s one of thinnest curing devices available in the market. There are 2 detachable stands that offer the user easy to use device. There are 2 different models: cordless and corded version, this flexibility allows LeMax to be charged on its charging stand and can be placed on outer stand when in use. Dentists use this device for polymer...
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SMART – The World’s First Smart Cycling Helmet Monitors Your Heart Rate Without a Chest Strap

SMART helmet is the world’s first smart cycling helmet which monitors your heart rate without using a chest strap. This safety gear features built-in heart rate sensor which provides real-time and accurate data, thank you to its lightweight microprocessor with advanced algorithm, sensor, accelerometer and full wireless communication capabilities. The original sensor and algorithm was developed for jet fighter pilots and astronauts. The company tries to integrate the system onto a cycling he...
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Heal Station for Diabetics With Color Coded Modules For Quick and Easy Operation

Heal Station for diabetics features several devices to maintain the health of people with diabetes. It’s a one stop solution for diabetic patient, the device is color coding for simple, fast and easy for better user experience. The software applications are capable of synchronizing your health information with hospital database. Each module of this system is self-contained which means, just like ink cartridges, you can charge each module as required. We really love the portability, this concep...
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E-Spatula Examination Device That Combines Spatula, Light, and Thermometer in One

Unique examination device that combines light, spatula and thermometer into one, it is called E-Spatula. The inspiration was obvious, spatula and thermometer are common tools used for basic examination in hospital, they are usually used to check the throat and patient’s temperature in a single procedure. During examination process, doctors or nurses use both traditional spatula and a light, this is troublesome, traditional thermometer also needs a long time to acquire patient’s body temperat...
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